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The next generation of urban explorer? May 2013

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Been asked to post this by my ten year old daughter…she’s a fan of this site and the crazy antics us exploring folk get up to!

She thinks “Ninja Kitten†has the best name ! sorry guys !

They are doing World War II at school this term and she wanted to do a “then and now†of sites around Dover..well it’s not difficult finding stuff round these parts !

There is a famous pic here of Lydden Spout (2nd pic down) http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/l/lydden_spout_battery/index.shtml and she wanted to try and replicate the pic..

Being above ground was not good enough and insisted that we head underground to get some shots for her project.

She’s now asked for a DSLR and tripod for her birthday as apparently the compact point and shoot just is not good enough…kids !

(Mods..if you don’t think this is in keeping with the site then please feel free to delete)


Inside the bunker looking out..


Looking out for those pesky invaders !


I can see Germans !


Going underground !


Tunnel to the bomb store..


The bomb store..


Magazine room

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Excellent :-)

I know that site well, it's quite a nice place to sit on a summers day round there. :-)

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Brilliant to see the kids involved!!

Mine eldest has just come back from her first Belgium trip, won't be long before your little uns are going to europe :D

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ahhh how cool is she!!!! i think its great my sons nitro ninja and only 13 he loves coming out with me!!and i have to agree..i do have the best name ever!! and wellys rule!!

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A few pics of my 8 and 10 year olds on some splores

Tommy and Ben at the Cold War AA gun emplacements, Roydon


Underground at the Roydon Decoy Airfield


Tommy coming up from underground at the Roydon Decoy Airfield


At the Norlel Social Club


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Guest Scattergun

This is excellent mate, she looks well into it! The next gen indeed :) Reminds me of my 11 year old niece. She did her first splore last year - a mine control tower. I couldn't keep up! Still can't. Welcome to ninja school.







No sure about the wellies though :-P

Edited by Scattergun

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This is excellent mate, she looks well into it! The next gen indeed :) Reminds me of my 11 year old niece.

No sure about the wellies though :-P

cool shots ! that looks great..as for the foot attire..well..perhaps we're all just not with the latest fashion trends..

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