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skeleton key

RN -H -H - May 2013

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A nice sunny Bank Holiday splore with Trog and peaches

Royal Naval Hospital Haslar was designed to cater for the treatment of the Navy’s sick and wounded who were un loaded from the fleets at Portsmouth,

The foundations were laid in 1746, and opened for the reception of patients in 1754.

However wings were added and the building was completed 16 years later, in 1762


It was the largest brick building in England and indeed Europe at the time.

Over the years there have been many additions and changes.

Originally a fourth side to the hospitals U shaped layout was planned but due to over spending this was never carried out.


The sick and injured servicemen from Trafalgar, Corunna, Waterloo, and Army casualties from the Crimean

as well as the two World Wars of the 20th Century, the Falklands and the Gulf War, were all cared for at Haslar.

In the mid 90’s it was modernised at the cost of �45m.

The MOD finally closed the hospital in 2009 after providing the Medical care for the Armed forces for 253 years and believed making it the oldest Military hospital in the world.

Over 1359 servicemen are registered buried here others believe it could be as many as 10.000 to 60.000.


The Site contains 18 Grade II listed Georgian Buildings & structures with grand plans to convert in to apartments etc in what appears to be on paper a very sympathetic re development.

Having just read the plans to turn the chapel and mortuary in to a restaurant?

Mmmm Nice

A table for one please!


On with the Splore.

We arrived here a bit later than expected so opted for a bit more of a cheeky entry yet worked a treat.






















Cheers for looking in and sorry for the state of the pics

all were fine till loaded to photobucket then just gone all blotchy and tried uploading twice and same

now cant be bothered .

Either way was another cool day sploring


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Fixed Title & a couple lines :)

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Deffo the stuff of epicness, nice to see the old pics Skellybob, compared to the later ones. The place looks bloody huge. Nice splore dude :D

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