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Personalised Phat Strap

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Man, I'm such a poser!!!


I've loved the idea of these ever since I saw Klempners one, so I asked all that love me for money for my Birthday and sent my pennies off to the USA!!!

These are the guys, I have seen some UK websites but they just don't look as good


You click on the "Personalise Your Strap" Icon in the bottom left and basically build your own strap

There are loads of options for customization

There's..... Strap Length - Strap Colour - With or Without Minky lining - Minky colour - 1 name or 2 - Font Style - Font Colour and Quick Release or not?

Obviously every time you add stuff then the price goes up, this one had just about all of the above and cost me $54 which included $10 shipping. This worked out to about £35

Font Styles


Font Colours


Minky Colours


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