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Hi Everyone, I have always had a facination with exploring derelict and abandoned buildings but not been able to do anything for quite some years due to family commitments but now the kids have grown up im hoping to free up some time for me ,dont know anyone else that does Urbex but hopefully thats going to change now ive found this site of which ive spent many evenings going over some of the fantastic topics



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Welcome from a relative noob. I'm guessing that like myself you're not a young buck but also not too old and frail for a bit of exploring!

All the best pal

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Hiya mate nice to meet you. I think you might just have come to the right place to start getting to know a few people. Nice to have you :D

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Welcome from a relative noob. I'm guessing that like myself you're not a young buck but also not too old and frail for a bit of exploring!

All the best pal

Bang on, plenty of life left in this ole fart yet :P

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    • By Norfolk Explorer
      This explore was one that I had wanted to do for a long time... Not for the quality of images, as I knew it would be dark... But just so I could say I had done it.
      So a army of us.. About 10 if I remember right, scoured the perimeter looking for access.. In the process of doing this, we bumped into 2 on site security huts and plenty of CCTV and PIR.
      We found a easy way in (well except the person who could not climb a 6ft fence)
      My initial plan was for some star trails in the roller coaster, but by the time we had dragged mr I cant climb over the 2 fence's it had started to cloud over.
      The group split up and we had a little snout around.. I stayed down by one of the coasters and took some photos, but on hearing some vehicle movement and lights popping on we decided to make a move and go check out some other locations up the coast. Even this turned out to be fun and a good end to the night.
      Sorry about the shortage of photos, but we did not stay for 2 long and it was bloody cold.
      History (cheers wiki)
      The park was created by entrepreneur Joe Larter in 1983 as a small American-themed family attraction, containing a miniature railway, Cine 180 and adventure playground. Yearly expansion brought the addition new attractions and general improvements. Controlling interest in the park was sold to RKF, a property development company, in the late 1980s. RKF built attractions including two Sea Life centres (Great Yarmouth & Hunstanton), a Ripley's Believe It or Not (Great Yarmouth seafront) and the 9-mile (14 km) Bure Valley Railway (in Aylsham). It started building a second Pleasurewood Hills style park in Cleethorpes. RKF went bankrupt in early 1991 and its attractions were sold. Some Pleasurewood management staff took control of The Bygone Village at Fleggburgh.
      Noel Edmonds converted the Haunted Theatre into Crinkley Bottom Castle in the mid-1990s. The park also featured appearances by Mr Blobby and Edmonds himself.
      The park continued in this vein until 1996-7, when it was bought by Leisure Great Britain, a caravan park operator. It owned the park until 2000, when Peter and Peggy Hadden, who had been connected with the park for many years, bought it. The name changed to New Pleasurewood Hills. In 2000 the park bought Magic Mouse.
      In 2004, Grévin & Cie, a French leisure group, purchased the site. The name reverted to its original form and in early 2005 the owners said they would spend £3 million on improvements.
      Changes included repainting and renaming a number of rides, but the first major investment was in the park's first inverting coaster, Wipeout (roller coaster), from the closed American Adventure. The old cars were scrapped and new ones bought from Walibi World.
      In 2009 the Mellow Yellow log flume was repainted and had a revamped entrance. It is now called Timber Falls. In 2010 the park put a StreetDance show in the Castle Theatre. In 2010 the park appointed a new manager.
      On 30 January 2011, it was announced that the park had been sold to a new company. H.I.G Capital France, in partnership with industry expert Laurent Bruloy, purchased seven leisure parks, including Pleasurewood Hills, from across Europe. The seven parks will benefit from a joint investment of around £1.7million over 5 years. This included the addition of 5 new attractions for the 2012 season and another 4 a year later.
      The site


      Spot the other explores

      Later on up the coast

    • By Kubix_UK
      Thought I'd share with you my photos using something other than DSLR or HDR or Hideously Processed Pics. Taken on a Praktica Super TL1000 that I bought for £3 out of a box of junk and using a roll of film from the pound shop. Just after I had finished this explore I went to Boots and had them developed on their 1 hour deal This is my first attempt at 35mm and although not the best pics I do feel they show it well. p.s they also appear to look overexposed thanks to my scanner
      Not much history on this place but this is an old timber/door/window manufacturing site that was used by Jeld Wen Ltd and formerly Boulton & Paul Ltd. Closed in 2010 and now a small part of the site is used by AKD Engineering Ltd.
      On with the pics

      Taken In Pitch Black

      Sneaky Pic of Secca

      That's All Folks
      Hope You Enjoyed

    • By sentinel
      Hi Guy's
      New to this website but not completely new to exploring, Been out and about for just over three months now.
      I have a few reports to put up and will do so over the next few days.
      Hope you enjoy reading my reports and hope to run into some of you guys whilst out exploring.
    • By insider
      Im from Ghent, Belgium and new to urbex!
      went to a truly great abandoned university building recently and am so excited to do more exploring!
      theres a lot of great places around ghent that i want to check out, if anyone feels like joining please let me know
    • By northerngeek
      Just saying hi :-). New here today. Looking for people to explore with, and interresting sites. Mainly in Østlandet, Norway, simply because that's where I live so it's the easiest. But I also love to travel to explore, so opportunities to do that is also most welcome :-).