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Crookham Court Manor, Berkshire - June 2013

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Where is this? I would like to go shoot a short film here?

Sorry mate. Although we are very accommodating here at OS we are not a location service for film makers.

And tbh. If you can find the place using Google and the title of this report then there's not much hope really

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whilst a friendly forum I cant help but notice you

Not having a understanding of what the forum is about Not reading the guide lines or keeping within them within your first three posts


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New to this site.

I'm pretty local to this location, a friend and I decided to go and try and explore on one of our random adventures the other week. We tried to get to it but only got to a gate that said something about security and cctv. We tried another entrance to the site which also had a sign saying No Trespassing. Never really done "Urbexing" before so we thought we had better not risk it. But it seems like a few people have managed to get in without any bother? Is their actual security or just suspicious/protective neighbors?

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Hi and welcome to the Forum it is quite a nice location.

One thing we cannot do in the public areas of the forum is openly discuss security arrangement of individual locations as could be used for thieves etc.

This aspect can only be discussed via Pm

It takes time to get into the swing of things.

Bare in mind you are committing civil trespass and not a criminal offence.

Most locations will have signage declaring security and cctv etc etc .

Take ur time say Hi and get to know people we are a friendly forum and will find are helpful too.

Its just a matter of building trust



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    • By Serenity4
      After discovering this place,  reading a news article I decided to take a look. Theres not a great deal of history on this place other than the fact it was used as a home for ww2 soldiers after coming  back from war. It's been home to several owners of the years however the place has fallen into disrepair. The manor is currently up for sale. 
      The explore itself went really well, after making our way through the grounds and finding an entrance, we were greeted with a stunning pool, with paintings on every wall. As we moved further on we found a sauna, bar, a superb inside courtyard, a huge basement complete with model railway and what looked like a full size tank made of wood, whoever previously lived in the manor was clearly very creative... The vast majority of rooms have Been emptied out however a few furnishings still remain. We made our way onto the roof when we noticed a man walking down the drive towards the manor, we noticed him walk around checking through the windows before leaving again. Must have been looking after the place and making sure nothing was damaged. We didn't get caught however so that's a bonus!
      Since then we have been back however our original entrance had been sealed back up.
    • By Ninja Kitten
      Never leave without bobbys splore food...cheers tink

      I even got there early to show willing.......


    • By HitGirl
      Explored with one other non member, Well what a wonderful place this is, It is full of amazing features that gave it the wow factor, Its a shame its been left to fall apart really wish the owner would do something to save it

    • By HitGirl
      Explored with 4 other non members
      What a strange explore this was, We all had an uneasy feeling that someone was watching us, within 10mins of gaining access there was a police helicopter hovering above the building don't think it was actually there for us but it sure freaked us out lol, after keeping a low profile for what seemed forever the helicopter left but only gave us another 20mins of daylight so defo going to go back for a revisit as we unfortunately didn't get to explore the basement due to it getting dark

    • By Nelly
      The manor house in this form was built in the mid 1800's and has been vacant since the last owner died in the late 1980's
      The house is a treasure trove and a photographers and explorers paradise, but sadly I can't see the interior of the building lasting very much longer.
      There have been major collapses, some whole rooms have completely gone, some of the middle floor is only accessable by ladder and the 3rd floor is just not doabale at all
      Splored with SK and Mr & Mrs Bones
      The house is names "Bull Manor" due to the security arrangements

      The main entrance and stairs

      The Music Room

      The "Green" room

      A couple of odd rooms off the landing