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Crookham Court Manor, Berkshire - June 2013

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Where is this? I would like to go shoot a short film here?

Sorry mate. Although we are very accommodating here at OS we are not a location service for film makers.

And tbh. If you can find the place using Google and the title of this report then there's not much hope really

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whilst a friendly forum I cant help but notice you

Not having a understanding of what the forum is about Not reading the guide lines or keeping within them within your first three posts


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New to this site.

I'm pretty local to this location, a friend and I decided to go and try and explore on one of our random adventures the other week. We tried to get to it but only got to a gate that said something about security and cctv. We tried another entrance to the site which also had a sign saying No Trespassing. Never really done "Urbexing" before so we thought we had better not risk it. But it seems like a few people have managed to get in without any bother? Is their actual security or just suspicious/protective neighbors?

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Hi and welcome to the Forum it is quite a nice location.

One thing we cannot do in the public areas of the forum is openly discuss security arrangement of individual locations as could be used for thieves etc.

This aspect can only be discussed via Pm

It takes time to get into the swing of things.

Bare in mind you are committing civil trespass and not a criminal offence.

Most locations will have signage declaring security and cctv etc etc .

Take ur time say Hi and get to know people we are a friendly forum and will find are helpful too.

Its just a matter of building trust



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    • By Serenity4
      History: Hook End Manor was once owned by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. The manor itself has a huge 25 acres of land alongside the recording studio. It was also previously owned by record producer Trevor Horn but was sold back in 2007. The last know proprietor was Mark White, however the manor has now fallen into disrepair! Complete with 11 bedrooms, countless bathrooms, games room and tennis court, in its day the manor would have been great!
      The Explore: The explore itself went really well, after an hour or so drive finding our way down small country lanes we came across the manor. From an outside perspective there was no way of telling if the place was abandoned. Despite the manor being left empty the attached property is still in use. Not sure if this was still used as the recording studio or converted to offices but we avoided going into that area.
      The manor is a maze of rooms  and much of the original furnishings still remain untouched. We spent a good 2hrs wandering around uninterrupted! 
      <PIC HEAVY>
      Anyway on with the photos........







































      Thanks for looking 
    • By Otchie
      Crookham Court
      Hi guys, first post here!
      Visited with Miss.Anthrope in December 2014,
      I wont put to much history up because you all know the place.
      A bit about the school:
      Crookham Court School, in Crookham Road, closed in the late-1980s after finding itself at the centre of a national scandal when three members of staff were convicted of sexually abusing pupils.
      The site comprises 7.32 hectare of land and contains Crookham House together with a number of outbuildings, including the chapel, stables, gym, classrooms/woodwork room/artrooms, portacabin flat, and various storage buildings.
      There is also a swimming pool, tennis court and playing fields on the site.














      Thanks for looking guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • By TrevBish.co.uk
      This was the first stop on our little euro trip! Not sure on the history of the place, but like many others around Europe its a beautiful house! Looking at other pictures online it looks a little stripped now.









      Thank You! 
    • By Urban Diaries
      Doughty House is a large house on Richmond Hill in Surrey, England, built in the 18th century, with later additions. It has fine views down over the Thames, and both the house and gallery are Grade II listed buildings.

      The house was named after Elizabeth Doughty, who lived there from about 1786, and built St Elizabeth of Portugal Church in The Vineyard, Richmond. It was the residence of the Cook baronets from when it was bought in 1849 by the first baronet until after World War II. A 125-foot-long-gallery (38 m) was added in 1885 for the very important family art collection. The house was damaged by bombing in the Second World War and the 4th baronet moved to Jersey with 30 paintings from the collection.

      In 2012 the house was on the market with an asking price of £15,000,000.

      C18 house with C19 alterations made by the Cook family. Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent have been granted to retain the main property as a single dwelling and to convert the gallery to ancillary accommodation, along with re-instating Doughty Cottage as the link between the house and gallery.

      The explore:
      So we spent basically all day in traffic jams to get there and back...
      The explore itself was surprisingly easy too; I must admit, that from what I have seen of it, I was expecting the place to be a little bigger than it was, but I guess thats the art of the wide angle lens!
      Anyway, great explore, would definitely revisit providing there are no traffic issues!


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