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just thought i would say a hello to everybody

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hello to you all

I have been exploring for many years now but have only just starting to take a camera with me and meet other people with the same kind of interests.

always looking to get out more and see more of whats about.

I have done hospitals and bunkers as well as a couple of old airbases and a fort! All good and all different! :-)

I hope to form a report soon for people to look at and i am happy to have joined your ranks!

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      I put this on the facebook group.
      Recently, my old man flew 2 Radio 4 journalists in his balloon and was interviewed to discuss how he feels people focus on photographs, thus experiencing the event already second hand instead of the odd momento photograph.
      Skip to 8:10 for the interview. Its certainly an interesting topic as too many times I have focused on taking photos instead of enjoying an experience.