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Silent Hill

Sybro Spinning. Slaithwaite. Huddersfield.

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Hi All.


Just to let everyone know that the former Sybro plant has gone up in flames this evening, so if anyone had it on their list! best erase it :thumb This was taken from my garden as the whole place is cordoned off.


It was due for demo anyway to make way for the Germans ( Aldi )

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I thought this was an awesome explore, didn't even have it on my first England Splore list, BadBatz n Drinkinbud took us there (well BadBatz slept in the car).

Sad to see it go, and all the lovely porn in the basement!

My wee thread is here from it ~ The Wool Mill, Huddersfield

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Sad to see it go' date=' and all the lovely porn in the basement!


I thought that was exclusive to the Love Shack?! You been cheatin on Baron?

Shame, it looked a good'n :o

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You have (Sorry HAD) a derelict at the bottom of your road!!!

You jammy B*****d!!!!


Used to have Severalls a quick cycle ride from mine fella! :)

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    • By he who must rome
      A Roman in a Christian church derelict or not its sacrilege , I just wish people would not smash things up.....hell this would have been 1 very nice find !

    • By Hydro
      Explored with @-Raz- 
      I've been debating whether to post this or not but after a small amount of consideration here it is. Got my first proper DSLR last week after using a Galaxy Smart bridge so if some of my pics are w@nk please leave me some CC. Having said that, I think i've picked it up rather quickly and I'm rather proud of my first set.
      History; Quoted from various reports
      The Hospital was founded in 1831 with the carlile wing been opened in 1902. The site incorporates 10 buildings ranging from Grade 2 listed Hospital buildings to modern blocks of classrooms.
      The former Ramsden Technical College moved on to the New North Road site of the former Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in 1967.The college paid £105,000 for the site. In September 1968 the first students began lectures at New North Road.The first new bulding on the site opened in 1969.The main new block was built in 1971 - the year the college became Huddersfield Technical College

      By 1978 there were more than 8,000 students studying at the site.In 2008 Huddersfield Technical College merged with Dewsbury College to form Kirklees College

      The College moved into a new purpose build waterfront development in 2013 which will welcome 20K Students. The old site has been purchased by Oldham based Wiggett Construction Company for an undisclosed sum. Plans for the future of the site are expected to be unveiled early in 2016 but the developers are expected to create a mixed use site featuring residential, retails and leisure uses.

      The former hospital building has being used for psychological thriller Extremis, starring David O’Hara (Braveheart, The Departed, Luther), Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables), Neil Pearson (Drop the Dead Donkey); and 1980s singer Toyah Wilcox. Black Work, a drama starring acclaimed actress Sheridan Smith, was filmed last Autumn partly in the hospital and in the town and in other parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Also the drama Remember Me staring Michael Palin, Mark Addy and Julia Sawahla was partly filmed here where the building was transformed in to a hospital, care home and a police station as you can see on a few.

      Following a relatively unsuccessful morning in Manchester we decided to cut our loses and return to Yorkshire, to a place we've had our eyes on for about a year but never got round to doing. From previous recces we had a general idea where the entry points would be, and after having a quick scout round we promptly found one. Generally the place is pretty knacked, reminding me of Clayton for the most part mixed with a little LGS.







      The place was generally much wetter than I had first expected, parts resembled more of a river than a college corridor. much to my liking really.









      And to finish, heres an amusing snap of @-Raz- getting his hair washed dried and perm'd

      Thanks for looking
    • By Hydro

      Climbed with -Raz-
      100% the most exhilarating climb we have ever done, with the cages on the ladders only going half way around the back of you to allow for the holder to rise up and then back down again, it really hit home the importance of keeping a tight hold considering the consequences...

      Bit of History/Background;
      Northern Gas Networks own the structure. It is the town’s one remaining gas holder and is maintained to ensure gas supplies never run short.
      The 127ft giant stores gas and helps meet the enormous peaks in demand that occur in winter.
      A spokesman said: “In winter there can be as much as five times the amount of gas flowing through the mains than in summer. When everyone wakes up in the morning or gets home from school or work, demand can be so high that we need to have some extra gas stored in case we need it.
      “That’s where the gas holders are so important. We fill them up overnight, when there’s gas to spare, and they empty during the day when demand is higher.â€
      The holder was originally built in 1916 by W C Holmes and then rebuilt by Clayton & Co in 1968.
      It is column guided and holds nearly five million cubic feet of gas (or 127,000 cubic metres).
      There were originally five gas holders at Huddersfield, which have been demolished over the years as more gas becomes stored in underground pipelines.
      Gas production ceased in the town in the late 1960s.

      And here is a news report of 3 guys climbing it back in 2013; http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/huddersfield-gas-climb-stunt-condemned-6152832
      The Explore;
      After a day of fails and alarms we were more determined than ever to get on and do something and having seen this on previous visits to the area we decided to mish over for a look. The surrounding area is pretty much derp city however the Kirklees Council appear to be very handy with that horrible metal sheeting which is nigh on impossible to get around without the help of an angle grinder, or perhaps a teleport.

      Upon reaching the Gas Holder we quickly established that this giant was not in her prime condition, and as the frame cracked and creaked around us, we began our ascent. What followed was the most terrifying and yet enjoyable climb of my life. The views of Huddersfield in the twilight were pretty cool, not anything spectacular but nice and chiller for a sunday night.

      I would like to call this particular image "Oh Fuck This Is High, Why Am I Doing This"

      Thanks for looking

    • By Fatpanda
      While in the area me and Raz took a quick look in this small mill that was full of little treats. access was easy although it is on a main road and unfortunately i don't quite recall the name of this one.
      ill keep it short as usual so here you go...

      Thanks guys