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Wassup guys! Edinburgh reporting for duty!

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Evening chaps (& chappettes!)

Been browsing the forum a bit and like the feel and vibe of it compared to other sites I've been on!

Not gonna lie, seen some of Baron's Belgium pics, amongst others, on Facebook and they were sublime which brought me here!

I've not been able to find a group of explorers up here in Edinburgh but seems like a few of you guys are from around the central belt?

Wouldn't mind getting to know you's better and starting to tag along next time round. Happy to travel and what not.

Anyone able to point me in the direction of the folk up here that are friendly enough to welcome a 'new' explorer? Would really appreciate it guys!

I've done a fair few explores up here and in the North East of England which have all been covered in depth before but have a list as long as my arm!

Keep up the good work guys, in awe at a lot of the photos!

Cheers for the help,


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Get some of your location pics up mate we are a friendly bunch show us what youve done etc..i do think we have a fair few from your neck of the woods and are all good people..:)

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Welcome along Nitro, plenty to see up here in Scotland! Good to have you on board and hope to see some reports up soon!

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Hello nitro. The Scottish contingent appears to be growing :)

didnt someone build a wall to keep you lot in or out :o

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Guest Scattergun
didnt someone build a wall to keep you lot in or out :o

No worries nitro mate. Aye fat lot of good that did Wevs. Besides we've got Mel Gibson and he's a mental head.

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I just signed up.

I'm from Edinburgh as well.. since theres already a thread going i thought id say hello here rather than start a new one.

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I just signed up.

I'm from Edinburgh as well.. since theres already a thread going i thought id say hello here rather than start a new one.

welcome along mate..your own thread would have been fine tho but its cool you have said hello :)

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I just signed up.

I'm from Edinburgh as well.. since theres already a thread going i thought id say hello here rather than start a new one.

Hello and welcome MercV, feel free to start your own hello thread! :thumb Look forward to seeing your explorations :)

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didnt someone build a wall to keep you lot in or out :o

Wall didn't work I'm afraid, I made it passed lol

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Scot in exile!

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  • Similar Content

    • By Cranked side
      What's up guys! Been having my account a month or 2 ( maybe longer ).. Didn't make a single post so far, so thought i'd do good with introducing myself.
      To start with i'm an euro, coming from Belgium, 25yo and exploring since 2013-2014.. Only the last 2 years i started bothering to bring my camera with me! And ever since , i've been loving it !
      Why do i love it? Well why do you guys love it?! It's amazing to see what people leave behind , and to see the storys behind the locations.. Some have interesting facts , some dont have no background at all.. It's amazing what we explorers end up with. Sometimes we end up knowing all it's historics , sometimes we're left to guess and bring some links/clues toghetter ourselves.. that's what fascinates me,and it's always bringing adventure back.. 
      And it's the adventures we need in life we won't be thinking of the days we'd sat infront of TV watching a fun movie later on...
      We will be thinking of the days we had to hide our asses , hysterical breathing after sprinting and sneaking away from secca's
      Oh what a fun times
    • By Involuntary Abstinence
      Another Scottish hospital report, so here we go.
      "East Fortune is a village in East Lothian, Scotland, located 2 miles (3 km) north west of East Linton. The area is known for its airfield which was constructed in 1915 to help protect Britain from attack by German Zeppelin airships during the First World War.[...]
      In 1922 several buildings and an area of land were used to create East Fortune Hospital. This served as a tuberculosis sanatorium for the south east region of Scotland until the onset of World War II. The airfield was then brought back into service as RAF East Fortune, initially a training airfield, and the hospital patients were transferred to Bangour Hospital in West Lothian. The hospital re-opened after the war, but by 1956, as the number of tuberculosis patients began to fall, the hospital changed its function to house the mentally handicapped. In 1997, the hospital closed down, and its patients were transferred to Roodlands Hospital in Haddington."
      [source: wikipedia]
      East Fortune is one of those typical old hospitals that look more like a collection of barracks at an army camp, rather than an actual hospital. The site is comprised of a main "street" along which all the wards and buildings are lined up.
      Access is as straightforward as can be, so we parked along the main road and got into site easy.
      As the hospital has been closed down now for almost 2 decades the place has been properly stripped and decay has set in well, though from a structural point of view it doesn't feel risky. Biggest problem is asbestos and dusts as most buildings are still quite boarded up and even if you do get in, you end up in backrooms where the air is thick and there is no light whatsoever. Still that, to me, is always quite an experience as you torchlight your way from one room to the next (no door handle left unturned, that's what I always say).
      For lovers of peeling and decay a visit to East Fortune is definitely worth it, plus there are still quite enough things left behind to give one a really good idea of life in EF while it was open. The kitchen is still there with all its machinery, lots of bed skeletons lying around, and mattresses, tons of them.
      At the time of our visit several buildings were accessible and it didn't feel as if someone would care to board the place up anytime soon.
      Throughout our time there, of course there was not even a hint of security, all we saw was an old lady walking her dog. The distant sound of some farmer shooting his rifle(?) was also a nice addition to our visit, as well as the sight of the Scottish Museum of Flight at the other end of a field at the back of the complex, where I believe a Concorde is stationed and is quite a beast even from that distance.
      The machinery and pipes at the first building we entered was also a lovely thing to see up close and generally, and while searching for a way up the tower I found another fitness bicycle (a week after a similar discovery at Rosslylnee).
      All in all, I have to say that I really enjoyed East Fortune and as it is so easy to get in with lots of buildings to explore it is definitely worth the visit.
      PS. It always surprises me when I look at what metal thieves etc. leave behind after they had stripped down a place. To my eyes their work seems quite random so I don't know if to anyone who is more familiar with their work and purpose, maybe it's not, but to me it feels like people looking randomly for a buried treasure as there is no real pattern to their stripping. There. I said it out loud now.
      And here are the photos:
      Loved this one.

      I can say that if I get so excited by something this small in terms of industrial machinery, I can only imagine how much drooling there's going to be if and when I get to places like BPS.

      I could really use one of these while working.

      I had seen this in other reports and I was glad I caught it myself as well.

      Lovely peeling. So...organized.

      Watch your step!

      Plenty of lockers with names of employees still on them.

      Nice little corner.

      Loved the simplicity of this.

      Probably not sharp.


      One of the various random pieces of paper left behind that are always interesting to read.

      Maybe it's just me but these things always catch my attention.

      Sure is! [1994]

      I thought about going out there but the roof was quite rotten so I decided to stay in with all the pigeon poo.


      This one has been really hit hard recently as a previous report from 2013 showed it in a much better state. A$$holes.

      The mattress graveyard.

      More from the kitchen.

      Love the broken glass shots.

      So there it is.
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Involuntary Abstinence
      Hello everybody!
      Just posted my first report (ever)!
      Also this is my first post here as well.
      I made a brief introduction in my report but I thought I'd follow the right way and say hello in here as well.
      Not sure what to say really. I am here mostly because Baron suggested the forum (obviously) and I have been reading reports for a few months now so it was only fair to give something back I guess.
      Not gonna talk about UE etc etc. We are all coming from the same place (and headed to the same place) so you all can understand this bit about me.
      I am looking to have a nice time, share info, photos and also meet some of you along the way to explore together.
      Hope you like what I post. Stay frosty!
    • By Landie_Man
      Fifth Urbex Anniversary, Thanks for the Memories -Pic Heavy-
      (mod note: This has been cut up into 4 parts)
      Firstly I am SO sorry about the image count but this thread really means a lot to me and it’s been emotional writing it as it has brought up so many memories, good ones, and bad ones with tales of woe that the urbex itself helped me overcome.
      Well I am glad I am writing this report up. First of all I am not egotistical, just very nostalgic. I am by far not an elitist explorer but I can definitely say I have been the Aylesbury and perhaps even Bucks Explorer; usually quite quick at reporting on sites before they are gone.
      Taking all into account, please accept this “blog” as you will.
      I haven’t been as active as many, only covering 100 or more places over the years, but I am glad to mark my fifth urbex anniversary this Sunday (16/02), having gone from a curious “fence looker” and armchair explorer, (my passion sparked by the 1992 film “Trespass” and also certain areas on past GTA games, as well as having had an interest for as long as I can remember in derelicts.) to 100+ sites under my belt including Chernobyl and a lot around Wales and the North of England.
      I am proud of what I have achieved and where I have been and hope to get some European sites under my belt soon.
      I won’t bore you with a photo from every site I've been too, but choose a vast number to contrast the years (sorry to those forums with a limit but I feel so nostalgic right now).
      Maybe I have started a trend, everyone on their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc urbex anniversary can make an oversized thread; I’d be interested in seeing other peoples milestones in time.
      So let it buffer and have a flick!
      First Urbex 16/02/09
      My first ever urbex location, the one that kicked it off. The BOCM Research Development Farm which is now a Nursing Home. Visited first with two friends then back again on my tod. Feb 2009, this is my first ever urbex; starting with the first photo:



      Before the “selling out to the Daily Mail” days, I innocently made a local interest report back in the day as the site was a total derp. This was in our local rag.
      The biggest pile of derp known to man but everyone has to have a first! I revisited with a new camera in August 2009 and did a massive historical report on my first ever site. Some interesting things actually happened here which have paved the way for modern meat and egg production but the site is a derp!!!
      Milestone Two
      My second Milestone would be April 2009, my first proper building. Chesham Cottage Hospital, once again I revisited in August of that year and re-reported.

      Crappy April shot

      August Shot

      Milestone Three
      I guess my third milestone was my next explore which I royally screwed up photo wise but showed the community Aylesburys most photographed urbex. The old cinema. Again, I visited here in August 2009 to re-shoot.


      This is April Style!

      August Style


      Cant forget my most visited site ever, The Water Eaton Grain Silo



      Milestone Four
      First out of home turf explore and first London Explore, Unisys.



      For me the next two years were amazing urbex wise, in my eyes anyway, 2009 and 10 were pretty good and 11 started well but went on a decline into 2012, so here is a few choice photos from 09-14 in order of date









      On to 2010