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UK George W King Ltd - Hertfordshire - Aug 2013

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A little bit of history on why this building lies empty:

STRIKE action is being taken by more than 200 workers at an engineering company following notice that jobs will be axed and the site closed. Employees at George W King Ltd, will establish a picket line next Wednesday and intend to strike every alternate week until Christmas. Workers will also adhere to an overtime ban.

The company has been in here for nearly 20 years. Before that it was based near Stevenage railway station and was part of Krupp Camford Engineering.

Tony E, regional officer for Unite the Union, said employees accept the site must close because it is losing money, but are striking over a poor redundancy package.

"The place is closing and the machinery is already being taken out," he explained.

"Reluctantly, I think people have got to accept the closure but the redundancy package is insufficient. It's less than they have given to people in the past and we want more than the normal package."

Mr E said the company is not making payments in lieu of notice. "All they are offering, which is an insult, is that employees will be given a £100 bonus if they work when they are supposed to."

He described it as "an awful situation" and said industrial action is unheard of at George W King but "these people are desperate".

Of the five companies in the group, this one is set to close next year, with the potential to transfer 30 jobs to Luton, and a site in Hereford is also due to close.

Union convener Harvey D, who has worked for George W King for seven years, said: "They are not being very cooperative. They have given us 90 days notice, which will be up on November 24, and so far we have only had two meetings. They should be sitting round the table and talking to us.

"Striking is a last resort. We have tried everything else.

"Everybody is concerned because there's not much work about now. It's going to affect a lot of people and their families."

Bosses at George W King refused to comment.

it has also suffered 2 major arson attacks (one in downstairs offices and one at the rear in the factory) but walking round there has been many more attempts


early this year (2013)

POLICE have confirmed a fire which broke out in the derelict building was an arson attack.

The fire broke out on Wednesday evening at around 5.40pm at the former George W King site. The building was subject to an arson attack in February, with police patrols stepped up as a result. And there have also been reports of anti-social behaviour at the building. In September last year, the Comet also reported on a gang of men who pleaded guilty to stealing metal from the premises.

you can buy there full list of "useful" contacts (64,405 of them apparently) for the cheap price of £679.99

George W.King Ltd. are offering 'Manufacture of automotive' in the Motor Vehicles industry. with a turnover of £108,408,000 They also have offices in Coventry and 600 + employees accross the UK. George W.King Ltd. holds many opportunities, leads and useful contacts.

this is a great building really enjoyed walking round and the smell of engineering. also some amazing graffiti all around but i couldn't document everything there was simply too much

Full set: www.flickr.com/photos/samcain/sets/72157635023996090/




some panoramic's


"think outside the box"


from the fire escape stairs


so glad i got to the roof


most of the office's are trashed



the place is massive


it had to be done (i was really surprised to find them still lined up!)



ther is always time for a chair


from the most recent fire


a lot of open open bits of old oil


the remains of the Renault parts production line



didn't except to find this in the middle of the factory looked like there were trying to keep something secure

any ideas???????????????


didn't except to find this in the middle of the factory looked like there were trying to keep something secure

any ideas???????????????



from the first major fire


factory in it glory days


mail room


old parts

this is a smaller building at the front


not really sure what this was used for but its now used as a squat


secca hut




something tells me that Secca will be a bit slow to react ;)

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    • By Maniac
      Thought I'd post up photos from my visit here in April this year.
      This location is very under-valued in my opinion, it is in fantastic condition inside and makes for a really interesting couple of hours explore. The building is pretty big inside, many offices and little back rooms to be found, as well as two projector rooms (Projectors sadly gone) with 3 cinema screens and lots of other random rooms. There's also a fair amount of origenal features and detailing in the building, which is fantastic!
      The cinema closed its doors in 1999 (I think) when the multiplex odeon opened down the road at lockmeadow. It has laied empty ever since, although someone must maintain it, as it's surprisingly clean and tidy inside, and the ventilation/heating system is still on (as the bingo hall underneath share the same system)
      Apologies for the quality of these pics, they were on my old camera and were mostly handheld as I didn't posess a tripod back then!!
      Reception/foyer area

      Going up . . .

      Pop corn anyone??

      To the Cinema Screens

      This is Screen 2, Screens 1 and 2 are virtually identical mirror images of each other where the origenal audatorium was split in 2.

      Motors that powered the screen curtains and shuttering.

      Screen 3 was the most amazing room with the most fantastic plasterwork in the ceiling.

      And this random room, who knows what it was used for, but there were lots of period features in it, and a bloody strip light right in the middle spoiling it all!

      Random rooms everywhere with all sorts of bits in

      Some projector room equipment, but no projectors

      And a couple of images from the roof looking over maidstone

      It was an amazing place to look round, nice and warm and dry for a change as well.
    • By Maniac
      This is the only surviving example of a kent colliery, and is looking in an increasingly bad way in recent times.
      They're still un-sure what they want to do with the buildings, so at the moment they stand there empty, a monument to the sites past use.

      All the mine shafts have one of these on them, there were 3 in total, this one was the shallowest, the deepest was over 900metres making Snowdown the deepest colliery in Kent.

      Not a lot to see really, but a nice way to spend a couple of hours, and quite a laid back explore as the security people patrolling were actually fine with us being there
      Please ignore the quality of these pics, it was over a year ago and I was still getting used to the camera!
    • By (76)
      St Clement's served as a mental hospital from 1937-2007, housed in old workhouse buildings constructed in the late 1800s. Here's some shots from South Block.

      Coborn Ward for adolescants

      Coborn Ward patients signing off

      The morgue, which is to be retained and turned into a house if I recall correctly.

      No slab, but a few bits and pieces remained here until someone booted the back gate in and everything of scrap value disappeared.

    • By (76)
      Been to this well-known Coking Plant loads of times over the years. Here are some of my favourite pics...


    • By (76)
      This place is mostly houses now but we managed to nip in just before they tore the place down. You don't see a lot of newspaper bases like this anymore, an all encompassing site consisting of offices, dining area & social club, printing facilities and also warehousing for distribution. KM will be opening a new office here at some point but the days of a giant operation like this are long gone.

      Breaking news(room)

      Only remnants of the hard-hitting journalism in the newsroom was the best looking pet competition!

      There were a few old photos lying around showing how things were done years ago like this old printing press.

      Another showed the print hall behind the newspaper offices and we were able to do a before...

      ...and after.


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