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Guest Dubbednavigator

Old royal mail office?

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Guest Dubbednavigator

Took a wrong turn the other day and noticed this, what looks like an old sorting office?

Anyone had a snout?

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I used to live just up the road there before I moved to the big smoke, it's been empty for a little while now, I'm amazed you've not come across this one earlier Dubbed! It certainly was sealed up tight and alarmed during the time I lived there, though last time I was in the area and was cutting through Castle Park I noticed there were a few fire engines parked outside so could be the local mouth-breathers have started chipping away at it.

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    • By HitGirl
      I don't know a lot of the history on this place,i know it closed down around 1993.
      Explored with 3 non members

    • By Nelly
      Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Department Store, Woolwich
      Out for a mornings Splore with Skeleton Key and Ninja Kitten and had a quick meet with UrbanX and Priority 7
      The Woolwich Co-op is one of those places where you think to yourself "Should I bother setting my camera up?", it's absolutely trashed but there were still a few nice art deco features to be seen.
      The impressive department store occupies a prominent place on Powis Street, Woolwich. Built in 1938 By the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society in the art deco style.

      The Royal Arsenal Co-op was founded by workers at the local royal arsenal in 1868, their principal aim was to provide reasonably priced food for local workers. The co-op developed and came to offer a range of services locally which included bookshops, chemists, undertakers, laundries, insurance and savings stamps clubs and a department store. The co-op was founded on on the democratic principals of one member one vote and paid a dividend to members.
      An old painted type postcard

      The store was to become a popular high street store for the next 50 years, selling clothing and housing a bank. The RACS experienced a period of decline in the 1980's and was eventually merged with the Co-operative Wholesale society, Who in turn became known in the Uk Simply as the Co-op.

      The exact date of closure is unclear, but it seems to have been empty from the early 2000's. The building is popular locally but is currently under threat from the local council who have plans to demolish and re-develop the site.

      Ornate Art Deco stairs led from level to level

      Up and up until we finally hit the roof

      On the 2nd floor we stumbled across the sad side of UE. From the front of the photo to the back was his worldly possessions. Bed, Dinner Table and Washing Line, the table showed an in date pork pie and a couple of other fresh bits. Time to go

    • By silverainbow
      Royal Victoria Hospital Folkestone, Originally opened in 1846 as Folkestone Dispensary, Visited with Space invader, Wevsky, Ian B, Obscurity and his mate, I wont go on with the history as Wevsky and the other guys have more than Covered it very nicely
      And so on with the pics

      How it was "Back in the day"

      Hospital Radio I could Picture Smashy & Nicey in here !

      X - Ray

      And Finally The Morgue

      Sorry If its a bit "pic Heavy" But I took hundreds in here and this isnt even the tip of the ice-Berg

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      Royal Victoria Hospital?
      Previous name(s)
      Folkestone Dispensary (1846-1863), Folkestone Dispensary and Infirmary (1863-1890), Victoria Hospital (1890-1910)
      Foundation Year 1846...Closed November 2009(ish)
      In 1973 the maternity unit was transferred to Willesborough Hospital. Following the opening of the William Harvey Hospital at Ashford, this hospital was transformed into a centre for geriatric, stroke rehabilitation, eye surgery (1980-1994) and general practitioner patients. There is a published history of the hospital: Martin Easdown, A Grand Old Lady: The History of the Royal Victoria Hospital Folkestone, 1846-1996 (1996)
      And as far as I can tell the last two remaining inpatient wards at the Royal Victoria Hospital closed in 2004/5 as for date the rest the amenities where transferred to the walk in centre next door I think that was some point 2006 and when this hospital finally closed its doors in 2009 November we think due to calender left open and various letters..its been left to sit ever since!
      For a run down on what?s proposed for the site if you really want to know then have a look
      Combination of two visits so ..visited with obscurity SpaceInvader ,
      Silver rainbow,Troglodyte and Peach...Big shout out to Ianb for visiting with us on this one..
      A nice old pic from way back when
      On with a few of the several hunderd pics ive taken..really dont wanna do a multiple thread thing with a huge amount of pics and tbh its been hard trying to pic out some of the best features..but here goes

      Im sure obscurity @ space invader etc will put up a different selection as i say hundreds of shots to choose from and forgot to upload a few of the radio station but hey ho ..
      Thanks for looking
    • By Wevsky
      Right myself Space Invader,nelly.obscurity,SK and silver rainbow went for a wander.
      Excuse write up..on virtual keyboard,bust last one...This was a bonus after millenium mills.right crack people!

      just a quick look but fun:thumb