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Old royal mail office?

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Guest Dubbednavigator

Took a wrong turn the other day and noticed this, what looks like an old sorting office?

Anyone had a snout?

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I used to live just up the road there before I moved to the big smoke, it's been empty for a little while now, I'm amazed you've not come across this one earlier Dubbed! It certainly was sealed up tight and alarmed during the time I lived there, though last time I was in the area and was cutting through Castle Park I noticed there were a few fire engines parked outside so could be the local mouth-breathers have started chipping away at it.

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    • By Gromr123
      This ones been long in the planning, but eventually at some ungodly hour of the morning me and Brewtal managed to get inside and see the place for ourselves. It was a pretty brief visit by all accounts, but we managed to see most of the lower level. 

      Built as part of the now demolished Melville Barracks in Chatham. This deep shelter was a refuge for the marines at the barracks. The history is pretty vague, but I believe the tunnels existed before the start of WW2. 
      In the early 1960s when the melville Barracks were demolished to make way for the council offices, and most of the tunnel entrances were sealed up.

      The Explore
      After a few weeks of planning me and Brewtal finally got round to visiting here. This one requires a little more caution as the entrance method is somewhat brazen. 
      After a bit of head scratching we devised a plan and went for it. We were in! 
      I'd be forewarned about the stairs, and everything said was absolutely right!. The wooden stairs are very rotten and very dangerous. Even when taking extra care, we had a few brown pants moments. 
      Once at the bottom of the lower level we could relax and start exploring. The lower level is quite extensive and we saw as much as we could. 
      Unfortunately we were fairly time limited, so we didn't mess around too much. I found the stairs going up to the upper levels, but decided against it this time. Re-visit for that one me thinks. 
      It was refreshing to see no graffiti or vandalism. The access situation has protected it pretty well I suspect. 

      The bottom of the stairs. These were supposed to be the 'Ok' stairs. Dread to think what the 'bad' stairs were like.














      The stairs to the upper levels.


    • By AndyK!
      Opening in 1902, the Theatre Royal in Hyde was a replacement for an older theatre nearby of the same name. The theatre was built by S. Robinson and Sons of Hyde to the design of Campbell and Horsley of Manchester and could seat 1400 people. Two balconies curve round to meet the proscenium, the stage area was large and included a host of dressing rooms to one side. In 1914 a movable screen was added onto the stage to enable the theatre to operate as a part-time cinema.
      The popularity of live performances declined in the 1970s so the decision was made to convert the theatre to cinema-only use. In 1972 the main auditorium was used as a full-time cinema screen, with the stage area being converted into a second screen.
      The cinema closed in the 1990s when the London-based owners uncovered fraudulent activity taking place there. They considered the theatre a liability and the final film was shown in August 1993, despite being full.
      Visited with @SpiderMonkey












    • By TheVampiricSquid

      Evening all
      I won't bother with the history, as i'm sure everything knows it by now!
      I've been up to my usual antics, taking trips down here on the regular, these particular images were from 2 visits. Once with MrObvious & a non-member where we were lucky enough to see the morgue, and another with loocyloo and whynotdie, which was probably one of my most intense trips there.
      It was another stupidly early morning(thanks to loocyloo for the lift:D) but soon enough we were on site and walking towards access. Seeing as it was pitch black & i knew the route, we decided to keep the torches off. I took the lead, and silently we walked between buildings and under trees until all of a sudden i froze. Run, run i shouted as I was greeted by a dark figure about 6 foot in front of me, who then decided to blind with strobe mode on his torch. We made the immediate 180 and ran for it, mr security man in tow, diving through bushes and over an absolute pain in the arse wall. we were in the clear - or so we thought. We gave it a little bit before going back over the wall, seeing as it was right by the access point. I was first over so i grabbed the bags. I glanced round, and mr security man was stood there, watching me about 15 foot away. He bolted at me, so lumbered up with 3 bags and a tripod i made a break for it. We played cat and mouse for what seemed like forever, before i bailed over the fence. I had no way of contacting the others, so made the walk round to the front gate in search for the others, where I happened to bump into a not-so-happy Brian, the site manager. After a bit of a bollocking we parted ways, and after meeting up with the other 2 we buggered off for a well deserved maccies.
      Obviously we weren't gonna give up there, so after a grim breakfast and a cuppa tea we were back on our way. We got straight in this time, and after a good few hours inside we were hungry and tired. and who wants to go over a fence when you're hungry and tired? Yeah, not us.. out the front gate we went, only to be greeted by an even angrier Brian. After giving us the "ive already spoke to you this morning" lecture we decided to walk out, but good ol' Bri decided to follow us in an attempt to get the car registration, but we took him on a nice little stroll of the area and eventually he went to whatever he was doing.. which clearly wasn't guarding the site very well;)

      If you're still here, thanks for looking!

    • By MrObvious

      a quick walk around inside the notorious Royal Hospital Haslar in the night.
      you probably all know by now
      The Visit
      Ive been to this location so many times now, nothing interesting actually happened, just wanted to get some footage inside before its completely gone, because i heard theyre starting to strip the place now

    • By whynotdiex

      The Royal Hospital Haslar, completed in 1762, was built to provide a dedicated military hospital for the Royal Navy. Set in over 60 acres of beautiful parkland, with many Georgian Grade II listed buildings and a prime seafront location, Haslar has a long tradition of delivering care and well-being to its residents. In November 2009 the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sold the site to OurEnterprise, a company dedicated to a community-led regeneration.Today the Royal Haslar site extends to approximately 62 acres of land and comprises approximately 75,000 square meters of buildings. Eighteen buildings on the site are either Grade II or II* listed.
      The Visit
      After waking up at 2am me and Loocyloo set off to fetch TheVampiricSquid we tried popping into maccies on the way down but it wasn’t late enough for breakfast so after our first attempt of entrance we got chased around the site for 20minutes after hiding for 10min TheVampiricSquid jumped back over the wall so we could have another crack at it as loocyloo was halfway over all we heard was him say get back down as he sprinted away with 3 bags and 3 tripods
      We camped out for 30min waiting for him to return but nothing! He had all of our stuff including phones so we thought we would head towards the main entrance to see if he had been caught he had! So we bailed and went for a actually maccies breakfast this time which was a mind fuck having dinner hours before having breakfast!!!!
      Our second attempt later on that morning was a lot more successful after playing on the ropes in the gym and trying to get the perfect shot of the spiral staircase before we knew it we had been in there 4/5 hours!
      So we made our exit just to be greeted by the same guard! As he tried to get us back in his office we made our way around him and he “called the police†so he started following us after clearly shouting to his mate “im going to get there car registration†we certainly wasn’t heading back to the car so we took him for a nice walk around the local streets until he realized it was highly pointless him following us! Anywhore sorry for the long story here’s the pics! Enjoy!

      The pics!


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