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Old royal mail office?

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Guest Dubbednavigator

Took a wrong turn the other day and noticed this, what looks like an old sorting office?

Anyone had a snout?

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I used to live just up the road there before I moved to the big smoke, it's been empty for a little while now, I'm amazed you've not come across this one earlier Dubbed! It certainly was sealed up tight and alarmed during the time I lived there, though last time I was in the area and was cutting through Castle Park I noticed there were a few fire engines parked outside so could be the local mouth-breathers have started chipping away at it.

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    • By crabb
      With a 2.5 meter high, fully reinforced security fence, cameras at every angle and motion sensors tucked away in strategical places, this building was designed to keep people out.
      A load of good that did, eh? 
      This building is shrouded in mystery, its former use was totally unknown and even google wasn't any help! Turns out it was the old headquarters for the Department of work and pensions, but they could not afford to keep it running, so became a rejected building for social security. No one has ever documented this building and not a single photo of the insides can be found.. Until now. 
      Not my fanciest of camera work but the night time was the best time for this trip. So granted the shots could be better but with not a lot of time on our hands (and maybe setting a motion detector off) we had to make do! 
      The building itself was actually very clean and tidy, in and out. Fair bit of dust and clutter from the stripping off pipes from underneath the flooring but no graffiti, no vandalism.. Not a single sign of "outsiders". 
      Truly trapped in time with 1990's tech scattered, but nothing of worth, just old school things that required Ethernet and a few tapes and old floppy disks.
      For the most part it was quiet and things were calm, the main worry was watching for the missing floor panels and pesky motion sensors above a certain few doors. So I gather most office blocks like this are still protected (A company called 'clear way') which is kind of surprising considering how long it has been abandoned and I cannot find out anything to do with that buildings future. 
      Originally used as a primary headquarters for the department of work and pensions, handling data and dealing with data to do with peoples income and possibly entitlement of benefits, sits unused and had been abandoned between around 2002 but the exact time is yet to be known.
      It was being used through the 90's that's for sure with lift service sheets with the last service being 2002 and floppy disks and tapes dating through the 90's.
      It is unfortunate we could not see the whole building, as out of the three floors it had only the ground and second were explored. The lower ground floor proved to be a challenge as that's were the sensors really were, so we decided to leave it and head out quiet as a mouse. But not without having one last look at the glass atrium of course. 
      Over all this building is still somewhat a mystery and i'm fairly certain we are the only people to document this building, which is mad for me.
      This is my first real forum and I hope you enjoy the photos,
      Til the next one!
      "Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints"
      1. scouting a way in

      2. The atrium, looking straight through



      5. This tells me they were short of funds.


      7. The windows for the atrium

      8. Lift mechanics

      9. The lift motor and pulley system

      10. Service history for the lift

      11.  A letter (with buildings address) for evaluation of the one lift

      12. Typical office corridors, minus the health and safety hazard

      13. Vintage mounted desk with plug sockets built in

      14. Huge computer room

      15. Keys still left as they were since closure

      16. Media storage units

      16. Hand drawn schematics for lift dated 89

      17. Lift room

      18. Temperature gauges

      19. Wiring for the lift

      20. Very rusty keys

      21. The motor for the lift

      22. Lift schematics 

      23. The original blueprint before the construction of oak house

      24. This still works! 

      25. Flooring lifted for strip down before being abandoned

      26. Old school floppy disk dated 91

      27. Media room and units

      28. Stannah lift lever

      29. Inside the vast atrium

      30. Another angle 

      31. Vintage clock and safe

    • By hmltnangel
      Ok, first post on here, so hope you enjoy. Just a small explore from middle of last year but an interesting little one one nonetheless. 
      The Royal Victoria closed bit by bit over the last few years, finally becoming empty last year. Each time we pitched up there was always something still active so we accidentally left it a bit too long without checking. Big mistake, the neds burnt half the place to the ground and a sh!tload was demod to make it safe. 
      Anyway, we managed to explore a good but of it but only took photos of the main block. The old Victorian building despite looking externally brilliant - has been so modernised inside there is no hall anymore - just a bunch of admin rooms. 
      Enough babbling - on with the pics
      Main Entrance
      _DSC2237 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Inside the Main Entrance
      _DSC2229 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2228 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Sink anyone?
      _DSC2227 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2224 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Spotless Ward
      _DSC2222 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Spine Corridor
      _DSC2221 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2216 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2214 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Smashed Ward and Bed
      _DSC2205 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2239 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
    • By HitGirl
      I don't know a lot of the history on this place,i know it closed down around 1993.
      Explored with 3 non members

    • By Nelly
      Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Department Store, Woolwich
      Out for a mornings Splore with Skeleton Key and Ninja Kitten and had a quick meet with UrbanX and Priority 7
      The Woolwich Co-op is one of those places where you think to yourself "Should I bother setting my camera up?", it's absolutely trashed but there were still a few nice art deco features to be seen.
      The impressive department store occupies a prominent place on Powis Street, Woolwich. Built in 1938 By the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society in the art deco style.

      The Royal Arsenal Co-op was founded by workers at the local royal arsenal in 1868, their principal aim was to provide reasonably priced food for local workers. The co-op developed and came to offer a range of services locally which included bookshops, chemists, undertakers, laundries, insurance and savings stamps clubs and a department store. The co-op was founded on on the democratic principals of one member one vote and paid a dividend to members.
      An old painted type postcard

      The store was to become a popular high street store for the next 50 years, selling clothing and housing a bank. The RACS experienced a period of decline in the 1980's and was eventually merged with the Co-operative Wholesale society, Who in turn became known in the Uk Simply as the Co-op.

      The exact date of closure is unclear, but it seems to have been empty from the early 2000's. The building is popular locally but is currently under threat from the local council who have plans to demolish and re-develop the site.

      Ornate Art Deco stairs led from level to level

      Up and up until we finally hit the roof

      On the 2nd floor we stumbled across the sad side of UE. From the front of the photo to the back was his worldly possessions. Bed, Dinner Table and Washing Line, the table showed an in date pork pie and a couple of other fresh bits. Time to go

    • By silverainbow
      Royal Victoria Hospital Folkestone, Originally opened in 1846 as Folkestone Dispensary, Visited with Space invader, Wevsky, Ian B, Obscurity and his mate, I wont go on with the history as Wevsky and the other guys have more than Covered it very nicely
      And so on with the pics

      How it was "Back in the day"

      Hospital Radio I could Picture Smashy & Nicey in here !

      X - Ray

      And Finally The Morgue

      Sorry If its a bit "pic Heavy" But I took hundreds in here and this isnt even the tip of the ice-Berg