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"The grey area" of urbex

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And most importantly, don't go around acting and behaving like you won't get caught. I know people who have done that, and got massively arsey when they do finally get caught. One day you will get caught, maybe your first trip, maybe your tenth, maybe not til your hundredth, it all depends on the kind of sites you are doing but sooner or later it WILL happen!

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A friendly smile and, if he doesn't look like he is about to whip out a shotgun or beating stick, a handshake will get you out of most situations with security. If you do get one pumped up on righteous indignation, piss and vinegar, then remember as long as you don't break in and you don't steal anything then you are in the right and there is fuck all they can do to you besides tell you to sod off or call Mr Plod who will likely do exactly the same thing. Don't steal. Don't break in. Don't be a cheeky fucker when caught. You should be fine.

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some cracking advice here esp the lengthy one from SK - nice one fella ?

I been rumbled handful of times by secca - mostly been fine and one so not bothered it was unreal.

Police - twice - very opposite extremes - one time they were very friendly and chatty , didn't ask names or anything just a nice friendly chat and then me asking "do we have to leave" and told yes.

Other time they arrived mob handed - 'bout 4 or so vehicles, back to station for stop and search and details put onto computer and then released

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