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adding photos?

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sorry but like every forum I have ver been on I always want to post a question that doesn't seem to fit a category I can see!!

anyway of posting a report and or solo photos WITHOUT. using flickr or photobucket? I don't want either!

btw tried the app and it froze too much so ditched it

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Welcome along..and to answer your question the way to host your images is via either flickr photobucket(which takes two minutes to join) or a similar photo hosting website..You can if you have a blog use the link for the image and insert it using the picture icon to insert image..If you have any further problems please feel free to contact one of us

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Before sharing images they do need to be hosted at site such as Flicker or Photobucket etc and the link provided there to be posted to the forum.

Both of those mentioned can be joined for free and also once you are familiar with are very easy to use.

We have tutorials posted on the forum to assist in using both.

Posting New Thread via Flickr

The new photobucket -up & down load guide 2013

Hope this helps

It just takes a while getting around is all and not a drama.

Plus Il move this thread to general discussion see as does have a place


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Guest Dubbednavigator

btw tried the app and it froze too much so ditched it

Can you expand on this at all?

Ive only heard on of the app freezing for wevs.



What stage did it freeze?

I can then go to the developers about it


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