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A wee bit of advice?

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As a complete beginner who has spent hours glued to the screen looking through posts online, and without asking anyone to reveal locations (as even I know that's a no-no!), I was wondering if anyone has any advice on finding splores? I've been using google maps, aerial photos and the buildings at risk register but nothing much has appeared! Maybe it's time to buy a car and just go for a drive!

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If your looking for new virgin stuff then what you have been doing is a good start,finding ones allready online you should be able to find a few clues in non named reports.there are other resources other than the at risk register,land registry ,history forums,Local council pages for the area you are in often have a rsource for landmark/listed buildings and structures..and of course good old fashioned word of mouth or having a drive around :)

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The research is definitely interesting! Spent a while on a old farm house, got there after being chased by a particularly angry sheep, just to find it freshly boarded and riveted shut :( but onwards and upwards!

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That's all part of the fun! I've gone to places that I've spent hours researching only to find it's either been turned into a care home or been flattened :)

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Researching, for me, is half of the fun. I spent weeks researching this one place. it was sealed up tight. Finally found floorplans which showed a cellar. Found the cellar hatch and got inside! Got lucky there!!

For virgin sites, I use what Wevsky said. History groups are brilliant. Look for planning permission too. If it has been applied in the last 5 years you can get some decent information. If you know the building you're going for, research the architect for building plans.

One of the easiest ways I find stuff, is literally searching "town/village/county name - urbex/abandoned/derelict/empty" etc in google. You'll be surprised what you find.

Try Bing maps as well as Google maps as it gives a different perspective on the building.

Being in Scotland (I'm sure you're aware) gives you a green card to walk around and look for places. You have the 'freedom to roam', which we, South of the border, do not have :(

Otherwise, post what you do find, and doors will open up for you!!!

Happy hunting

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Thanks for the tips, I'd thought of some of them but knew it would be worth asking!

The Scottish right to roam is very handy indeed, especially back home - which is very rural so there can be some interesting finds in the middle of nowhere!

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