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UK St.Cyprian's Church - Liverpool - Visited July 2010 - Nov 2013.

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Sadly at the moment i can't find much history on this Church, only that it was designed by Culshaw & Summers in 1881.

I think it closed around about 2008 & i dont think it is listed,which is a shame. The whole area is up for major regenaration..


HOME demolitions to make way for the regeneration of Liverpool’s Edge Lane gateway will finally get underway in the New Year.

It will mark a milestone in the scheme, which includes widening the road, and has been delayed for years by legal wrangles.

Homes between Marmaduke Street, Dorothy Street, and Peet Street will start being pulled down early in January, kicking off a six month demolition programme.

Officials at the city’s regeneration agency Liverpool Vision hope the work will draw a line in the sand after several delays and disputes.

Rob Monaghan of Liverpool Vision said: “We have done an awful lot of work to get to where we are.

“The area has had a sticking plaster over it for the past 30 years, this is now being dealt with. This is about the remaking of a neighbourhood.â€Â

In all 371 homes will be demolished to make way for the new road, homes, a commercial hub, and a health centre.

Bellway Homes is currently in the process of submitting a planning application for the new homes and it is hoped building will start in late summer 2010.

The road, which will now cost £57.7m, up from £40.4m four years ago, is currently awaiting final funding approval from the Department for Transport.

It is hoped the DfT will approve its share of the cash by April allowing work on the new road itself to start in June or July.

Work on the commercial hub, based off Jubilee Drive, is unlikely to start until the effects of the recession have gone. It is hoped progress can start being made in early 2011.

The health centre is not likely to see significant progress until the end of 2010.

Mr Monaghan said the scheme started out originally looking at the road but has grown into a “comprehensive package of regeneration†for the area.

But not everyone was convinced of the need for a widescale demolition programme.

Grandmother Elizabeth Pascoe, of Adderley Street, fought a long campaign against the plans which saw her mount a number of legal challenges.

The court battle cost her around £40,000 in legal fees but she always insisted it was the right thing to do.

The battle over compulsory purchase orders came to an end in March this year when the High Court in London refused to overturn the order.


























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Gosh, there was still lots to see in there! Lovely bits and you have captures her well. Also good on Elizabeth Pascoe, such a shame she lost her battle in court, bless her!

Thanks for another cracking share :)


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    • By sj9966
      I nipped over last night to check the fire damage.
      The only building that was on fire is the St Mary's building (which was a nurses home not a care home as I have written in this report). It has suffered damage to the right hand side of the building but is not totally burned out.

      There is a planning application submitted to demolish most of the buildings on the site including St Edwards. As far as I could see there has been no descision made on it yet.
      I also found this on the net (link below), it gives the whole history and a detailed report on all the buildings. There is still some unseen stuff here notably the chapel within the former St Gerards Hospital which is now offices. If demo goes ahead I'm sure it will become more accesible. It will be a shame to see these buildings go as it's a great urbex site imo.
    • Guest Dubbednavigator
      By Guest Dubbednavigator
      Hi All
      As much as we all hate to see our beloved shrines of dereliction, they all eventually either get ripped down or converted
      A lot of these are good, and a lot of them are very, very bad
      What are the best ones you have seen?
      My favourite has to be Nethernene on the hill. Located just down the road from cane hill
      Its a beauty


      Water tower

    • By teddybear
      And old 18 century house with had a bank function.The building is stripped of all furniture an will probably be renovated in some future.
      Needed to be a little bit inventive to gain access to this one. But later I was all alone, with the only sound coming from the people in front of the building.
      IMG_1541 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
      IMG_1534-bewerkt by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
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    • By jw94
      Not a lot about this place, I believe the bowling part shut down in 2009 and then the crystal maze part shut down in 2010. Oakwood own this place and have no plans for it besides letting it rot away. Whoever is trying to look after this place is attempting to keep people out. Heard about this place from a different site, easy to find, such a pain in the arse to get into as there's a very tight gap to try and squeeze through..
      Thee maze is bigger than first thought, only uploaded a few pictures of that.