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Tower Crane Essex Innit!

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    • By vanishing days
      A few pics from multiple visits with 12 gauge and solar p
      This place is truly massive its so much bigger than i expected the walk out to it via the walkway just builds up the expectations truly one of the best places i have explored.
      bit of history Grain tower battery was constructed in 1855 the style resembles a martelo tower extra parts were added on in the later world wars in 1910 more guns and the tower was attached. in the 1940s more modifications were completed when the extra block was attached.
      A few artsy fartsy pictures

      accommodation block

      on we go


      top room

      observation post

      ammo loader

      gun turret

    • By skeleton key

      Kings Reach Tower

      Thank for lookin in

    • By slwx
      My very first explore... A disused factory in Manningtree. I've seen this place plenty of times on the train on my way to Ipswich, and always wanted to get in there. It was used mainly for the production of celluloid. Some of the site is still active, but it's pretty easy to tell which parts they are.
      Some building were subject to an arson attack, and I understand a lot of the interesting stuff was destroyed. So the buildings I entered were mostly just wrecked.
      Now, pictures, sorry for all the fisheye... New lens, got way too carried away!
      Thanks for looking.

    • By Wevsky
      Again visited with Obscurity and Storm..2nd part of our medway trip and apart frm the tide coming in really fast trying to cut us off from both sides and the causeway having parts missing with rather deep pools mening i had to do stepping stones over them it was another relaxed explore..
      History borrowed again from Undergeround kent
      The original structure at Grain Tower, built in 1855, was based on the earlier Martello Towers that were first constructed as a defence against Napoleon in the early 19th century. It stands off shore on Grain Spit in the Medway and the original tower was built of brick covered in granite. The fire from Grain Tower would support that from Garrison Point and would defend both the entrance to the River Medway and the sea front of Sheerness. The guns of the 1855 Tower were mounted on the roof and fired en barbette (that is, the gun is fired over a wall rather than through an embrasure).
      In the early 20th century the tower was upgraded to be armed with two 4.7in BLs. In order to accommodate these guns a raised concrete and stone structure was built on the roof, which in addition to providing a platform for the guns, also provided shelter that could be used for stores and fire control. At the same time work was undertaken within the main body of the tower to make better ammunition storage to supply these new guns.
      Shortly after these modifications a boom defence was constructed across the River Medway towards Sheerness. The tower became an anchor point for this boom, connecting it to Grain beach.
      Further additions and modifications were made during the Second World War, in particular the large roofed emplacement that supported a twin 6pdr QF gun. Behind this was a directing tower and a light emplacement. The biggest addition at this stage was the barrack block; it was made of concrete and stands on stilts with access to and from the main tower.
      On with some pics

      2nd part of a great day!
    • By Ramsgatonion
      This crane is on the site of the partly redeveloped Royal Sea Bathing Hospital in Margate. The company responsible for the development went bust a couple of years ago, and since then the site has been a mix of abandoned hospital, occupied apartments in refurbished buildings, and concrete frames which were to be new apartments. The site has clearly been bought out by another company, because there are active security onsite. I don't know why they haven't resumed work yet.
      After crossing a wall, I was inside one of the aforementioned concrete structures, and found my way to the base of the crane. The base is covered with hoarding, but another structure was being built around it. I went up a ladder, and ran across the roof of the building to where the crane emerged from it. After sliding through the bars, I began the ascent...
      The first 50 feet or so were the worst, as I climbed up past occupied apartments. There was a man on his laptop the whole time I was up there, and I was praying he didn't turn around. One woman decided to hang out of the window for a smoke, luckily she waited until I was well hidden at the top before she did this!
      Anyway, enough writing for now - enjoy the pictures. The whole crane was moving, so some of them are slightly out of focus...

      The obligatory crane operator portrait!

      As I was on the last rung before jumping back out onto the roof, someone looked straight at me and quickly drew the curtains - and almost straight after torch light was coming from the other side of the crane - the ladder to get down was just out of cover, and was lit up. As soon as the security guards starting moving towards me, I ran for the ladder, back through the building and across the wall. As I started up my bike to leave, I saw the crane still bathed in torchlight - perfect timing!
      According to a sign, the road up the side of the site is due to be closed on the 27th January for 'Crane Operations' - so it looks like I may have got here just in time!
      Thanks for looking!