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Norway Not so urban (summer 2013)

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In rural aereas of Norway there are a lot of abandoned farms and derelict farm buildings. A lot. Some farms abandoned completely, more often one or several buildings no longer maintained and falling apart. A vast number of barns, because it's no longer run as a farm, people just live there. And sometimes, in stead of upgrading the old house, people just build a new one, leaving the old to rot. In the aerea where I live I've become used to seing theese derelict buildings. This last year or so I've brought my camera and taken a closer look at some. This is one of them, the oldest one easily seen from the main road, one of six I see from my regular 30 min bus route. It's not very urban, and I'm not sure this would interrest you, but here we go.


















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Thats cool to be honest you never know what you can come across in some of these places.

Even if trashed there can be the remains of old farming equipment etc which can provide some great shots.

Thats fine my friend and thanks for the share


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@Gi Jo

It's the old cow shed (if that's the correct english word). The holes are for the cows to put their head through to reach the hey in the crib. So, crib on one side, cows stand on the other (pen?), wall between (probably to prevent the cows from messing up their food), with hole in. You can clearly see the cows was smaller not all that many years ago (maybe not easy to see scales in the photos), the last decades cows has been bread bigger, and the old breeds are very scarce. So seeing theese old cow sheds now, unless you know cows used to be conciderably smaller, you wouldn't think they were used for cows.

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