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Im from Ghent, Belgium and new to urbex!

went to a truly great abandoned university building recently and am so excited to do more exploring!

theres a lot of great places around ghent that i want to check out, if anyone feels like joining please let me know :)

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    • By Perjury Saint
      3 locations which I thought didn't really warrant a report of their own, so I thought I'd bung em together in here... 1st up...


      (or... The Window Access Of Death Empty Turbine Hall
      )As the name would suggest, a bit of a pisser to get into! Spent longer on access than shooting the place!

      Next up... An old mine, I think?? Unfortunately we were a bit late on this one and renovation work was well underway! Scaffold, tools and fencing all over the shop! And some parts freshly sealed! Still very photogenic, lots of symmetry, amazing ceiling...


      And finally...

      ...Chateau Honore...

      Well, that's it for now... Thanks for lookin' in

    • By sentinel
      Hi Guy's
      New to this website but not completely new to exploring, Been out and about for just over three months now.
      I have a few reports to put up and will do so over the next few days.
      Hope you enjoy reading my reports and hope to run into some of you guys whilst out exploring.
    • By northerngeek
      Just saying hi :-). New here today. Looking for people to explore with, and interresting sites. Mainly in Østlandet, Norway, simply because that's where I live so it's the easiest. But I also love to travel to explore, so opportunities to do that is also most welcome :-).
    • By Perjury Saint
      ...Belgian Weekender Day 3...

      After a night spent battling mosquitos in Hotel Tapioca, Luke n me were up early and, as this was the last day, we're keen to make the most of it!! Location No1 very nearly turns into 'Fail No1'! But luckily as we scout round the place for a second time, we're in!! And what a way to start the final day!!

      Gonna be hard to top that one!! VERY impressive, we'll give it a try none the less... Off to No2...

      Off to No3, another crumbling little gem full of those bits n pieces we all love...

      The best of the 'maisons' that we did that one... LOVELY!!
      On to our last location and one which we know nothing about, Mookster bungs us this one last minute, and we're glad he does cos it turns out to be a BOSTER!! Cheers fella!!!

      And thats it, its all over and time to drive back to Calais to catch the boat home... Its been fantastic! Belgium has surpassed my expectations!! I WILL BE BACK SOON!!!
      Once again a MASSIVE thanks to Mookster, NK and anyone else who helped us out on this one!!
      Keep em peeled for an NKPS Belgian adventure coming sooner than you might think!!
      Thanks for looking!!

    • By Perjury Saint
      'Belgian Weekender'
      Day 2...
      'Onwards n' Upwards!'

      After the first days ups n' downs, me n' Luke awoke after a surprisingly good nights sleep in my now dented car, feeling super refreshed and raring to go!! We actually overslept!! Coffee and croissants were quickly devoured and we were on our way to location No1...

      Great start to the day this one and brilliant to see the firetruck in person...

      No time to waste!! Jump in the motor and hot foot it to location No 2...

      Proper good this one!! With a dodgy access next to the local cop shop... Quality!!

      Half hour and done!! Cue more rally style driving to location No3...

      First 'maison' of the trip and it didn't disappoint!! LOVELY little place with plenty of bits n pieces to root through...

      Times getting on so we decide to check out our accommadation for the night and location No4...

      Everybody knows this one! DELIGHTFUL!!

      But its not over yet! It might be pitch dark but the Euro Fever's got us by the bollocks so it's off to location No5...

      Hands down the highlight of the trip for me!! AWESOME!!

      Day 2 done n dusted!! Again MANY thanks to everyone who helped out on this one!! And do keep em peeled for Day 3...
      Thanks for looking in...