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UK Froomsgate House, Bristol - Dec 2013

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Froomsgate House, Bristol

Froomsgate House is a 63 m (207 ft) high office block in central Bristol, England, situated at the junction of Rupert Street with Lewin's Mead. It was completed in 1971 and has 15 floors above ground. There are also three floors of car-parking. The building has 1,368 m2 (14,730 sq ft) of office space, serviced by three lifts.The name derives from an ancient city gate by the River Frome which once stood on the site. Notable tenants include the Crown Prosecution Service Southwest.

It is being redeveloped into (yet more) student accommodation.

This is one that a few of us (one in particular) have had our eye on for a while, so getting an invite to get up it seemed too good to miss. A mate of mine has put a lot of work into researching this one, so props to him for getting us in!

Oddly, it seems I took more photos inside the building than on the roof, which is funny as it was intended as a high evening, not a derping one...

There's nothing like enjoying a decent rooftop with some mates in the evening, just to get away from it all!




Security, or just the lift talking to itself?


Just incase...


Spot the noobs...







Over-hanging and over-exposed...



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Nice job on getting in and up there as looks like a cool vantage point.

A very nice view over Bristol and hope the students make the most of it when fully converted into their party block.

Cool shots there Seffy and thanks for the share


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