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Chaise Abbey


There are places that you discover and mean to look into, but just never get around to it. This was one of those places. I'd first noticed Chaise Abbey a year and half, maybe even two years ago. All I could really find on tinterweb was a few mentions of the aggressive owners and a one or two reports showing only externals. It then slipped my mind until a friend mentioned it recently so I decided it was time to get over there.

1. Chaise Abbey under the stars


Brief History

The country house was built in the 1800's. The stunning building has been unoccupied for some time now and has sadly fallen into a state of disrepair. There are signs that the owners have attempted repairs and redevelopment at some point, but had not progressed very far before abandoning the daunting task. Some parts are now in a severe state of disrepair while other parts are much more pleasing.

Our Visit

We arrived (very) early in the morning to get a star trail of this lovely old place. It was bloody freezing! We were staying quiet and still to avoid being spotted by what we presume to be secca - a car and caravan parked at the front of the building with lights on inside. I don't know if you've ever tried standing around outside on a very cold night, but you really start to appreciate wearing two pairs of trousers and an extra coat when frost starts forming on your clothing! Not knowing what to expect inside we ventured in once the sun had started to peep over the horizon and we were pleasantly surprised.

2. The Chaise Room


3. Attic Bahroom


4. Enrance Hall


5. Landing


6. Spiral Staircase


7. Has to be done!


8. Chaise Abbey External


Thanks for viewing.

Check out my Facebook page for more.

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This is just epic!!!, Actually the whole report is epic but that shot is epically epic!!

How many shots? and how long did it take, I'm off out someday over my xmas break to do some star trails and need some serious advice

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This is just epic!!!, Actually the whole report is epic but that shot is epically epic!!

How many shots? and how long did it take, I'm off out someday over my xmas break to do some star trails and need some serious advice

Thanks Nelly. This was 120 exposures at 30 seconds each, so total time was an hour. These were all shot at ISO800 f/2.8

I also added an extra frame for the lighting on the building which was a couple of minutes (using bulb mode) ISO400 f/8

The shots were then stacked using StarStax, which merges all the photos into one.


* Wear twice as much warm clothing as you think you'll need, then add another layer too! It gets VERY cold on clear nights.

* Obviously you'll need a clear night, but try to find somewhere out of the town or city too, to avoid light pollution from street lights.

* Practice. Set up in your garden one evening, and try out the settings. There's nothing more annoying than getting to a location and trying to figure out all the settings you need for the first time in the dark.

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Yeah, all the stars rotate around Polaris the pole star. I could explain how to find it, but Google will do a better job. In basic terms quite simply point your camera North and you'll get circles!

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    • By yonaguni

      this house always interested me..the yard was filled with junk..old cars..and other junk..it gave the appearence of being abandoned but someone clearly lived there

      the area became prime real estate..mcmansions went up and taxes went up..i knew this houses wouldent last....i went by and saw it was finally empty
      the 1st floor was a neat gloomy  house

      rooms that feel like a horror movie

      all the lights hung poorly..surpised there wasent a fir from them..


      see more of that in a bit


      the upstairs was nthing but an attic...no bedrooms or bathroom..this was a single floor home..


      a wood burning heater...thats an old way to heat a house

      the last thing still hanging that shows the personality of the owner

      odd old stained glass

      not sure what that is...

      ..the dead and prarie home companion
      There are a few male voices caught inside one seems like another lanuage
    • By Serenity4
      This place has been on the radar for a while now but never got the chance to properly take a look. The dome itself can be seen for quite a few miles across the surrounding areas. Not a great deal of information available other than it looks like some sort of water treatment site/reservoir possibly used by the MOD, given the land its situated on. It doesn't appear to be fully derelict either as you can still here the sound of running water and the grass seems to be trimmed.
      The explore went as planned, few dog walkers here and there, other than that spent a little while looking around.
    • By jones-y-gog
      First things first - this place is a death-trap. Simple as that. And it's quite likely to be worse now than it was when I went. But as I have a bit of an obsession about redundant old cinemas and theatres I left all common sense at the entrance.
      The building still shows signs of its grand past but sadly any possibility of saving it looks pretty slim, although a Trust has been set up to try to preserve it and bring it back into use.
      The four-storey building, designed by G. B. Rawcliffe, opened in 1894 as a music hall, before being converted to a cinema in 1938. It was last used as a bingo hall in 1995. 









      ^^^ Not sure about that!  
    • By shacklerurbex
      First vid upload for a while, although I have not stopped exploring.
      Should be more videos coming up soonish
      This gothic mansion was once owned by a doctor who released a mental health patient who sadly went on
      to stab an 11 yr old girl to death. I believe he was pretty much chased out of his home by locals (they may or may not of have had burning torches)
      Nice place though, there used to be more cars, but sadly there gone now.
      The car is a 1964 humber super snipe
      and yes I know I spelt doctor wrong on the vid title  god knows why