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Squeal Like A Pig Cottage

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It was my first trip out with my new GoPro that Father Christmas (Mrs Nelly) brought me

Yup it's pretty crap, the cam was aimed too high on my head strap and my editing skills are shite!!!

But I'm a cam virgin so go easy on me!!!

Edited by Nelly

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    • By HitGirl
      Visited with one non member
      Hidden away in a country lane is this little gem full to the brim with personal treasures and memories.
      I spent hours looking through stuff and reading old letters from the 1920's onwards
      Some of the letters were so sad i shed a tear

    • By Nelly
      I nicknamed this "Squeal Like A Pig Cottage" because it seriously reminded me of a set from Deliverance
      A nice relaxed mooch with Skeleton Key, Bobo and J.R.Hartley

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      The Diary Keepers Cottage..
      Memories of my life has been
      Written upon pages of books,
      and the odd sheets of paper that
      I've scattered about
      To gather dust through the years.
      Thoughts that have great meaning
      To me; history that I share with humanity...
      all that I was and why;
      perhaps, all that I've become 'til now.
      Deeds in words come from my soul,
      With heartfelt expressions of my creativity...
      I share a moment of laughter...tear stains
      This portrait, I've painted unto an open diary......
      A beautiful house left with nothing but its memories inside...Trunks and trunks full of diaries and sheets of paper all bound in brown paper and tied with string..diaries of a life time..
      Splored with perjury saint..thumbs up for this one ide say, brilliant little find and throughly enjoyed..Hope you enjoy her as we did.....

      Trunks scattered here and there ..holding up beds..piled in corners..containing diaries of a womans life...

      no bearing on loaction just loved the writing...