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Your Exploring Anthem

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What album or even song(s) remind you most of exploring?

Theres a few for me but my Exploring Anthem has to be Urban Hymns by The Verve. I remember digging it out after not hearing it for years at around about the same time I began my favored hobby. The deep and meaningful melodies of songs like "The Rolling People", "Weeping Willow" and "Neon Wilderness" filled my head as I drove through Industrial Wilderness' to various London explores, and during my explores, and still to this day remind me of exploring and explores of old.

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well...me and ps constantly argue over the sounds in the mushy pee. he brings all his cds of this grungy housey garagey tecnoey stuff and i sit there hitting the next button over n over n over again until hes slappin me and havin a fit and then gives up so i can get what i want..which does his head in so its off usually and he has to put up with me whistling and tourettes at full bore..however i do remember queen dont stop me now at full whack flying down the motor way at 3am on my way to a splore singing at full pelt windows open alone in the fast lane soooooooooo excited :)

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Absolutely NO taste in music you!!! Bloody 80s throwback!!! :)

Its Queens of the Stone Age blarin most of the time for me, interspersed with with choice cuts of Techno and House... Unless ive got HER sat next to me in which case its random tourettes outbursts and flatulence!! :D

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The Prodigy's album Music for the Jilted Generation is a good one (and probably their best album), love listening to Break & Enter and Their Law in particular before an explore :music:

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Must be concrete jungle from Black Label Society, or Rammstein, Mein herz brennt, cause the video has been shot at one of the largest most amazing location ive ever been

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