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Denbigh owners face £930K repair bill

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Quite shameful, but the council should throw a compulsary purchase order on it, force the sale through at £1 and offer the building to a local building company with a agreement to build X-amount of council housing.

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We will have to see how it progresses as the owners can still raise legal objections.

I strongly doubt they will as are already skating on thin ice and will simply be glad of any monies recieved.

They will probably agree if the money is paid into an off shore account so they can then avoid paying what they owe and can be claimed from them.

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I can't see them paying any money, seeing as after the planning lapsed in 2009 they were off into the wind!

However a CPO is the best possible outcome for this place now, and it has just happened. So hopefully things can start happening.

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    • By GREGUL1979
      Incredible climate. Several work halls, in one stand drills, lathes, milling machines ... right next to carriages and goods wagons. Everything is gently sunk in the green eaves ... Some 150 skilled workers used to work in these halls. Today there is silence.
      (translated in a translator)















































    • By Gigi
      ]A truly stunning exterior, with some beautiful features, and a very scary "security guard"
      He made his dog bite my friend, he has hired some local teens to walk around the place with rifles to scare off any explorers and is a truly horrible man, I have a video of him threatening me and my friends.
      Anyway, it's a shame the main hall and morgue slab has gone, but this place is still truly magnificent!
      There is work being done on this place but if you are very quick you can make it!










    • By he who must rome
      A day out smootchin and what's this place i pass many times and never seen until today !!!!!, a repair shop for steam trains....... nice place but I can not give any history on this place or about trains (not my subject sorry), never the less they were very helpful so on with the pics...

      hope you liked, ill try and go again some time and get some worthy history about each chooo chooooooo all i know is some are from poland (rescued) and one in re build stage from america also some were used in ww2.....
    • By Lavino
      I no what your all thinking.. Not another Denbigh report this place has been done so many times I've even been there a few times myself but here goes anyway.. It is in quite a bad way been smashed to pieces and full off graff even tho elwyn does try his best to keep people out. Or in some cases he attracts people there. I have seen him on two occasions I've visited but he didn't see me haha..
      Collapsed roofs, mangled cages and sunken floors - these are the eerie pictures taken inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital where patients were once locked up and given lobotomies.
      The abandoned site in north Wales, known as Denbigh Asylum, has been partially devastated by fire while there are still cages intact that were used to prevent patients escaping from their designated areas.
      More than 20 patients were selected for prefrontal lobotomy treatments between 1942 and 1944 at the hospital, with one patient dying from the controversial procedure.
      Lobotomies, which consisted of the removal of parts of the brain, began to be routinely carried out in the 1930s as a supposed treatment for those considered insane - but the barbaric practice was stopped two decades later with the introduction of antipsychotic medicines.
      The once eloquent and imposing building was built in 1848 and designed by architect Thomas Full James. It was designated for closure by MP Enoch Powell in 1960 and was finally shut for good in 1995.
      Photographer Mathew Growcoot described the scene: 'It was by far the creepiest place I have ever been into. There were so many strange noises emanating from the buildings that I really didn't want to wander too far from my companion.
      'At one point we both heard what sounded like a groan and just stopped and stared at each other. I don't believe in ghosts but I didn't want to hang around.'
      The site has been subject to a compulsory purchase order by Denbighshire council. But that is being appealed by the site's current owners. The front facade is Grade II listed and a proposal to build homes around the entrance has been put forward. However, the restoration cost is set to be close to a million pounds.
      Mr Growcoot added: 'It was in a really poor state. It looked as thought a bomb had tore through the site, everything was damaged. There was nothing to stop you entering the site and as a result the vandalism and fire damage was plain to see.
      'I wonder how far a million pounds would go to restoring the hospital. Seems as though it would make more sense to flatten the site and start over.'

      Me spying on elwyn as he gets his dogs out..

    • By Urbexbandoned
      Well we all know about this one but here is some history which I enjoyed stealing from Hamtagger who stole it from Session9.
      Designed by architect Thomas Full James to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the hospital originally had its own farm and gasworks. Planned for closure by Enoch Powell during the 1960s, it was closed in sections from 1991 to 2002.
      On 22 November 2008, during work to renovate the building site and convert it to apartments and residential properties, the building caught fire; it was later confirmed that the main hall of the hospital was destroyed. Arson was suspected.
      Currently on the buildings at risk register, planning permission has currently lapsed. In 2011 the building was at risk of collapsing and no action was taken by the owners after an urgent works notice was issued, Denbighshire Council had no choice but to carry out repairs on the building which has reached £930,000 In 2013, Denbighshire Council voted to press ahead with a compulsory purchase order on the building; the council, however, wish to reach an agreement with the owners before taking legal action. An estimated cost of repairing the building is £1 million.
      I had by the point of reaching Denbigh driven nearly 300 miles, I was nearly as fucked as the building that was in front of me. I had done 2 locations allready on the Saturday and didn't get much sleep at all. I was driving my stupidly lowered car which is definitely not meant for the roads of Wales! I found that out easily enough! Won't be making that mistake again!
      Anyway it was a real hot day, the first location was a no go so killing some time headed here. I had seen loads of pics of Denbigh and was happy I was stood in front of it. I must admit I was completely distracted by the cute lambs who's bums wobbled as they ran away from me Headed in and stopped by the chapel first, was quite taken by this little building and have to agree with what hamtagger said on his thread. It was a credit to Denbigh in it's day. Then made my way to the main part. As I manouvered my way over exposed beams and collapsed floors I did manage to get a few decent pics, well ones that I am happy with anyway. I did have a really close call when I was walking backwards to take a shot and felt nothing under my foot when I went to put it on the floor. Could have been interesting!
      Did see another group of people and scared the fuck outta them as they were wandering through, hiding behind walls and making noises. I found it funny anyway.
      Not a bad day, the place is shot to shit but like I say a good few bits to capture and at least I got to see it
      Probably the best pic I took

      The Chapel

      I loved this little bit, these were in a building next to the mortuary.

      Probably the most complete room in the whole place!

      Nearly fell ass over tit here, was a comedy moment! I was too busy checking out the wallpaper

      I quite liked the fact that out of all the vandalism in this place and how trashed it is, this had been left alone. I don't like it, just saying lol

      I liked this room, the only one with curtains and they have left a walkway for me haha!

      An old ward

      The external.

      Sorry for so many pics, got a bit snap happy. Thanks for looking.