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Hello from a potato-muncher living in Lincoln

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Just thought i would pop in here to introduce myself before i begin spamming your lovely reports :D

I'm currently living in the lincoln area (as the title hints towards hah). I've always been into the exploring side but usually just for the fun of it, the interest in old buildings, but sometimes just plain old nosey-ness. In the last year i've become more and interested in the photography side of it so on my last few explores i took my new camera and grabbed some pics.

Still the amateur photographer/pic-taker, but i love exploring new places :Weapon3:. Lincolnshire is pretty rich in locations so looking forward to this summers expeds! I'll spend a while familiarising myself with the layout of the forums, then i'll chuck up a few reports to see what ya's think!

My favourite colour is black, my shoe size is 8 3/4, and i once ran into a really clean window in KFC thinking is was an entrance. :?

Cheers for reading my blurb :unfair:

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Superb intro! Welcome to OS, if you need any help round the forum just give one of us a shout, looking forward to seeing some of your reports :)

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Welcome to OS mate, my favorite colour is black too, I only wear black generally although I don;t have a Johnny Cash fetish

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Superb intro! Welcome to OS, if you need any help round the forum just give one of us a shout, looking forward to seeing some of your reports :)

Hi Lara, thanks for the warm welcome. And cheers, if i get a bit lost i definitely will! Once i get my dropbox in some sort of order i'll chuck a report up to get me going. Have a nice weekend! :beer:

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Welcome to OS mate, my favorite colour is black too, I only wear black generally although I don;t have a Johnny Cash fetish

Thanks nelly, and cheers for the welcome and putting "ring of fire" into my head hahah :eek:

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Ey up and welcome to OS, be great to see what you get up to :) And black is the way forward indeed!

Ey up! Thanks for the warm welcome :)

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    • By Gangeox
      Ok peep's moving away from the schools for a while, we had a mooch around this place and to say it was dirty would be an understatement
      An iron foundry in North Hykeham, with a production capacity of approximately 80,000 tonnes of castings annually, they manufactured high quality iron casting components in nodular and grey iron for the international automotive, tractor and construction machinery industries.
      It closed in 2007

    • By hamtagger
      Canwick Cemetery Chapel
      The Explore
      One from March last year. This place has been derelict for a number of years and I had been keeping an eye on the place for probably 2 years previous to that as I regularly had to drive past the cemetery. Around once a month I made a point of stopping, pretending to visit some dead-relatives' grave and when no one was looking used to hop the heras and check the doors. About a billion times they were the same as always and I cursed the local kids and drunks for being crap, until finally one day myself and @Urbexbandoned were on a stroll through the cemetery and noticed some fresh beer cans near the heras and the door looking ever so slightly ajar.. winner!. Couldn't have a look that day as a groundsman was busy astro-turfing a rectangle nearby but returned the next day for a solo visit, then a few days later with @Urbexbandoned. I don't think the assumed-drunk had entered as I had to push a layer of pigeon shit about 2 inches thick behind the door. No-one had been in there for a very long time and also it was a shame the wooden staircase up the bell tower had completely rotted away and collapsed at some point. A few people visited in the coming few months, then I noticed the door got boarded up again.
      The History
      Pair of former chapels, now disused. 1856. By Michael Drury. Coursed and squared rubble with ashlar dressings and plain tile roof. Gothic Revival style with pointed arched windows and Geometrical tracery. EXTERIOR: chamfered and moulded plinth, sill band, moulded eaves, coped gables with crosses and finials. North side has a central gable with an archway and shafts, flanked by single gabled buttresses. Beyond, single blocked 3-light windows. To left, the octagonal east chapel has angle buttresses and 3 gables, each with a 4-light window. Roof gablets. Fleche removed. To right, west chapel with apsidal end and buttresses, 3 bays, with six 2-light windows with hoodmoulds. In the north gable, a 5-light window. Square north-west tower, 3 stages, has to north a gabled doorway with shafts. Above, a trefoiled vescia piscis and to east, a 2-light window. Third stage has a foiled corbel table and to north, a rose window. On the other sides, 3-light windows. Spire removed. INTERIOR: east chapel has an arch braced conical roof with collars forming a corona. West chapel has a moulded stone arch to the apse, and an arch braced double purlin roof. Both chapels have foliage corbels - I have no idea what they are..
      The Pictures











      Coffin shape on the ceiling..


      As always thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated  
    • By AndyK!
      The Barbican Hotel in Lincoln was originally opened as a gentleman’s club in 1867. During the 1870s the building became the Albion Hotel, and was quite a prestigious place to stay in its time; an important early hotel which still retains original external features.
      During the 1980s the hotel was renamed to the Barbican. In 2006 eight people were rescued from a blaze started in a bedroom on the second floor. The Barbican Hotel closed during the 2000s and despite being purchased by developers in 2008 has stood empty ever since.
      Visited with @SpiderMonkey 

      The entrance hall was quite nice...





      Note the dome shaped roof lantern in the bar...




      Some areas were suffering the neglect...

      And other areas were in good condition, and very hotely...





    • By Merryprankster
      ello again chaps and chapettes, i've already harped on about a load of nonsense nothing to do with the explore on my carlton theatre report so if you want some sort of personal intro and explanation about how the explore came about then id say go read the first paragraph of my carlton report and then come back to me diving straight in with the explore.
      The explore.
      Landed in lincoln about 20/30 mins before the other guys and proceeded to drive an oap special fish and chips with curry sauce into me before going for a wander around the perimeter of the site and getting an idea for what we were looking at once the other lads landed. the recce told me half the site is a building site and half the access to the site is tucked away at the back of a row of housing estates gardens, during my recce i also walked straight into the secca, i wasn't anywhere i shouldn't be but at the same time i had no good reason to be where i was with a camera and tripod hanging off me if you know what i mean, he defo knew what i was here for and didn't take his eyes off me as i pretended to be on the phone and looked like i was looking for house number along the row of houses opposite the main entrance. shortly after the lads landed aswell and we proceeded to wander the perimeter fence together, sods law as soon we walk within 20 feet of the fence mr secca strolls around the corner, just as im pointing out a potential weak spot in the fence, again we weren't anywhere we shouldn't be but now there was four of us wandering around looking rather suspicious, we walked around the public footpath and the whole time the secca staring at us, we walked into the housing estate to discuss our options as by this point secca was stood on top of a mound of earth on us like a hawk. we decided to cut through the housing estate and make our way around the front, once we had done a loop we were back where we started with no secca so swiftly over we went and in no time we were in, it was getting pretty dark pretty fast at this point but luckily we were armed with torches so wasn't too much of a problem apart from the potential for being easily spotted wandering around with torches of course! quite enjoyed the mooch in the dark, wasn't as creepy as you'd want an old asylum in the dark, think the place has lost a lot of its vibe through the building project but still has nice features in there. All in a nice little mooch and a good start to the weekend
      St John’s Asylum in Lincolnshire, in the East of England was built 1852. The building was then known as Lindsey & Holland Counties & Lincoln & District Lunatic Asylum. The Asylum has also been known over the years as Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum and Bracebridge Heath Asylum. Finally it was given the name St John’s during the early 1960’s.
      It was originally built to house just 250 patients, but by 1902 the asylum grounds covered 120 acres. The grounds of the asylum were cultivated by the inmates as they grew their own vegetables. Within the grounds was a cemetery for the hospital which covered 1.5 acres. St John’s also had its own mortuary chapel.
      After the outbreak of World War II during 1940, the patients were transferred to other nearby establishments as the hospital was turned into an emergency hospital.
      In 1948 the administration of the hospital was passed to the National Health Service.
      The asylum finally closed it's doors during December 1989 with all the patients being transferred to other nearby hospitals.
      The site was then sold to developers who have converted a lot of the site into new housing.
      All that now remains is the main asylum buildings which are Grade II listed and cannot be demolished. However work is now under way to convert the main buildings into flats.
      on with the picys

      thanks for looking kids, take it sleazy
    • By Pinkman
      The Official sales chat - taken from the website
      Offering breathtaking views, first class facilities and superlative living accommodation in a location of international status, Lincoln Plaza is set to provide one of the most prestigious and sophisticated new landmarks on Canary Wharf’s iconic skyline.
      Soaring up to the 31st floor, Lincoln Plaza comprises two principal apartment towers - Franklin and Greenwich - together with a 12-storey international brand name 100-suite hotel which integrates with the two towers, allowing residents access to a fabulous array of lifestyle facilities. Adjacent is a 10 level ‘rotunda’ apartment building complimenting this striking new landmark against Canary Wharf’s dazzling architecture.
      Each apartment has been meticulously designed to create the perfect equilibrium of luxury quality and style, featuring comfort cooling, individually selected stone tiled flooring, SMEG kitchen appliances and Hansgrohe bathroom refinements. With all the exclusive facilities of a world class hotel, Lincoln Plaza is also set to deliver a comprehensive health club complete with spa, pool and fully equipped gymnasium, opulent entrance foyer with 24-hour concierge, business lounge, private cinema and four storey winter garden ‘sky lounge’ on the 22nd floor.
      The explore
      I got into the docklands area in the late evening looking to do a couple of roof top explores. After parking up at my usual car dumping spot (thanks Asda), I made my way across to the first location, which the last time I checked was completely abandoned & an easy one to say the least. Things had changed somewhat, with the site being live & from the looks of things, pretty active. The vantage point from there is somewhat mediocre from what I saw from other people’s past visits, so I decided to forget about it & moved on to the next place. The second location was pretty well guarded with cameras pointing at the most obvious entry points. The area was still pretty busy by this point, so I circled around the perimeter & took a walk over to my third potential location, Lincoln plaza. I had given this a look when I was in the area a few weeks back, & it looked pretty secure, & with lots of nosey bods about I decided against it. This time the situation was quite different! It was still quite lively, so I decided to take myself over to the dockside to take a few leisurely night shots, & more importantly kill some time.
      After a while I decided that I had frozen my arse off enough & decided to make a go for it. I waited until there was nobody around, then took my moment & snuck in, pausing momentarily behind the portaloo while a car zipped past. After a bit of fast pacing into the building I was at the core staircase. It soon became apparent why it was so easy to get in, because on every floor there was a shiny dome camera watching. They must have thought no one is dumb enough to proceed with all of this surveillance here, right? Wrong! I proceeded to make my way up, & getting tired of ducking my head down each time I passed one of these things I got cheeky & gave one a very sarcastic wave. I noticed soon after that there was a sound other than me moving. I stopped & listened through the central gap in the stairs, & sure enough, there was the sound of someone high tailing up the stairs after me…….obviously they didn’t take kindly to my brazened attitude! I picked up the pace & made it to the top floor, I stepped through the doorway & immediately paused. I heard the sound of either someone’s phone or radio playing music. I made a slow retreat back down to the floor below, & hid in a dark corner. I stayed there for an hour, waiting & listening to someone systematically opening the doors to each floor in search of me. I thought it was only a matter of time before I got caught, & I started to get a bit concerned as I was doing it lone wolf. But to my surprise, after a while whoever was on the lookout had buggered off & I was left to explore again.
      After checking the top floor once more, I concluded that whoever was camped up there wasn’t going to be moving any time soon. I admitted defeat & decided to call it a night. I felt a bit deflated, as my goal was to get to the roof & take some vista shots, which I obviously couldn’t do. So I began checking floors at random to see if there were any other vantage points to be had. I eventually came to a floor that had a door leading to a roof terrace, I immediately did a mini fist pump & thought “it’s back on!†I raced up the opposing tower core until I reached a skylight, & within about a minute I was on the roof. The views were pretty awesome, as are most high rises in London. One thing that became immediately apparent was the wind. I was totally exposed up there, & while trying my best to take long exposures I was getting absolutely battered. As a result the shots I got weren’t the best, but I think we’ve all been in that situation before! After soaking up the scenery for a good while, I decided that it was time to make a hasty retreat. I retraced my steps back to my original accent & made my way back down. To my shock there was no one around to greet me at the bottom, which was a big relief. When I stepped back into the public realm I was met by a passing couple on their way home. They looked pretty puzzled as I passed them, obviously from an outsider perspective it’s a bit weird for someone to be coming out of a building site on their own in the early hours of the morning!
      Let me know what you think of the shots, I’m pretty new to night photography so any CC would be appreciated.
      Note; the internal ones are just taken from my phone, as I wasn't really bothered about the inside tbh.