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Hole in the ground in Harlow

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Found a hole in the ground in Harlow!!

Local rumors say that there was a Cold War bunker under the town and there is even a small mention on Subbrit

"As well as county and county borough controls, counties could establish county sub-controls as a level between the districts and county to assist in the life saving operations and to provide communications. In this way Essex that formed part of Sub Region 4.2 with its SRC at the old Kelvedon Hatch bunker (the other SRCs for Eastern Region were at Hertford and Bawburgh) had its County Control in Chelmsford. Below this were 4 county sub controls at Mistley, Chelmsford, Billericay and Harlow each of which linked between 6 and 10 urban and rural districts"

Could this be an emergency exit from the bunker??

Who knows???

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It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the vid is brill! And nice shot of my arse at the end, thanks for that!!

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I'd be looking for a secondary entrance/ exit too, although it's highly probable to be similarly 'blocked'. It's a great find Nelly, looks WW2 to me based on what we've seen of it so far. Can't wait to see the rest of it :)

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    • By silverainbow
      Done on my Jack had just got a new camera and wanted to learn how to use it, was down there for near on 3 hours in total !, plus another local site off my "to-do" list
      This deep shelter sunk into the chalk above Langdon Bay just to the east of Dover had two entrances about a hundred yards apart in a bank by a rough track well back from the cliff edge (the cutting for the railway line that used to run down to Dover Harbour many years ago). There are no signs of the entrances today. The roofs/walls were the usual galvanized wriggley sheet metal, but with quite a lot of brick work. In one section where the chalk was exposed an inscription, 'M. Tutt Dec 1944', had been cut quite deeply into the chalk. The steps leading out of the secondary (eastern) entrance were largely missing leaving a steeply sloping chalk floor leading back to the surface which was back filled in 1979, Right enough history on with some pics.

      Some "Original Graffiti"

      Ventilation plant

      This is quite a good example compared to many of the others Ive visited and while its been got at a bit its no where near as bad as the majority

    • By Nelly
      Cold War AA Gun Emplacements
      Just outside Harlow on the Herts/Essex border sits this Anti Aircraft gun emplacement, this was the second trip out this weekend with the kids and their Grandad
      The site consists of four 3.7 inch AA gun emplacements each with ammunition recesses and integral shelters.
      Sat just back from the AA guns was the Generator block and several hundred yards further down the concrete road sits the Operations Block
      The site was built in the early1950's and ended it's life in 1958 when jet aircraft and surface to air missiles took over their role.
      3.7 Anti Aircraft Guns

      The site. Top right are the four AA gun emplacements, follow the road to the top left
      and you find the Generator Block and further on around the corner is the Operations Block

      The Gun Emplacements

      The Generator Block

      The Operations Block

      As usual, thanks for taking the time

    • By Nelly
      Gilbeys have been making spirits in Harlow since the 1960's at one time all the Malibu in the world was made in Harlow.
      The company have closed bit by bit over the years and this was their offices in Harlow.

    • By Nelly
      Nortel acquired the Harlow laboratories, originally Standard Telecommunications Laboratories, in 1991 and continued to use the site for research and development in wireless telecommunication technologies. It was the site of Charles Kao's research in fibre optic communications.
      This is their employees sports and social club

      The Nortel Sports Club trophy cabinet, very similar to the Arsenal trophy cabinet due to the fact that they are both empty!!!

    • By Nelly
      This is the construction of the NEW Passmores School in Harlow
      The old Passmores school still sits on a completely different site about 2 miles away. This new school was built on the site of the demolished Brays Grove School, so why didn't they just call the new school Brays Grove? Who knows, it's how we do things in Harlow.
      This is what the website e-architect had to say about it.....
      "Jestico + Whiles, with contractors Willmott Dixon, have secured planning consent for a new £23m building for Passmores School and Technology College in Harlow, Essex.
      The school, for Essex County Council, will accommodate 1200 students, in six learning areas. The two-storey radial design, conceived in response to the ethos of the school, has a gathering place at its heart. It will provide an excellent and flexible learning environment for the future."
      Explored with Skeleton Key
      Artists Impression

      The Roof, (I Love A Roof!!!)

      Thanks for taking the time