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UK Streatham Mega Bowl - (former Gaumont Palace cinema) - London - Feb 2014

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This was a great fun place to explore, due to the nature of the place it's easy to turn into a big kid once inside. I visited at night with a couple of 28DL members juicerail and sentinel, we had a proper good giggle throughout and I promptly went back for some daytime shots on the roof the following day.

There are two floors of bowling alleys to explore complete with stray bowling balls all over the place, unfortunately there's no skittles to aim at but it's easy enough to pretend. One of the bowling levels is covered in trash from illegal raves and squatters in years gone by but the other one is fairly clean in comparison, both have large bar areas and various adjoining rooms with all sorts of bowling paraphernalia to be found. Upstairs there is a maze-like laser quest level with fluorescent gun toting robots painted all over the walls and from here you can make your way up onto the roof. The roof is about as high as anywhere in Streatham so there's a decent enough view from up there and there's even a higher section at the back of the complex if you can be bothered although the view is less interesting from up there. The loft is accessible from one of the stairwells and was one of the highlights for me. You can walk above pretty much every inch of the old cinema's ceiling via a network of wooden walkways once used for maintenance. It's not the cleanest of places as the pigeons have been in here for a while but it's worth a good look in my opinion.

History (ripped from juicerail's report): Streatham MegaBowl was formerly the Gaumont Palace cinema and opened in March 1932. Gaumont was a chain of cinemas which never really made it and was bought by Odeon. In July 1944 it was damaged by a German V1 rocket. In 1961 it closed as a cinema and the interior was reconstructed into bowling alleys over two levels, opening as the largest in Europe in January 1962. As a cinema it was not missed. There were others close by and the interior was described as having acoustic problems and echoes. A Lazer Quest was added at an upper level in later years before the whole place closed in early 2008. Since then there have been talks of redevelopment, but little has been confirmed.

Here are my shots:

Front of Building


Bowling Lanes




Credit goes to juicerail for taking this action shot


One of the Bar areas


Bowling shoe graveyard


Application forms


Employee Record, £120 for a week's work....


The Safe


Daily Express from 1969


Ghostly Doors


The Laser Quest level






Laser Gun holsters


What is 'unauthorised personnel'?


The Hidden Room


The Loft



The Rooftop, both lower and upper levels







Credit to Sentinel for taking this one in some pretty dreary weather conditions!


You're welcome!


Thanks for looking

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The Mega Bowl looks like it taken quite a pounding since its closure but looks a fun run around if in the area.

A nice building and let hope they get it back into some form of use in the future.

Cool share RAW :thumb

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This one is just down the road for me. When I used to live in Brixton I came up past this quite a bit on my way through Streatham, always wondered what it looked like inside as it was always sealed up tight. Thanks for the share my good man, now I know!

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    • By Maniac
      Thought I'd post up photos from my visit here in April this year.
      This location is very under-valued in my opinion, it is in fantastic condition inside and makes for a really interesting couple of hours explore. The building is pretty big inside, many offices and little back rooms to be found, as well as two projector rooms (Projectors sadly gone) with 3 cinema screens and lots of other random rooms. There's also a fair amount of origenal features and detailing in the building, which is fantastic!
      The cinema closed its doors in 1999 (I think) when the multiplex odeon opened down the road at lockmeadow. It has laied empty ever since, although someone must maintain it, as it's surprisingly clean and tidy inside, and the ventilation/heating system is still on (as the bingo hall underneath share the same system)
      Apologies for the quality of these pics, they were on my old camera and were mostly handheld as I didn't posess a tripod back then!!
      Reception/foyer area

      Going up . . .

      Pop corn anyone??

      To the Cinema Screens

      This is Screen 2, Screens 1 and 2 are virtually identical mirror images of each other where the origenal audatorium was split in 2.

      Motors that powered the screen curtains and shuttering.

      Screen 3 was the most amazing room with the most fantastic plasterwork in the ceiling.

      And this random room, who knows what it was used for, but there were lots of period features in it, and a bloody strip light right in the middle spoiling it all!

      Random rooms everywhere with all sorts of bits in

      Some projector room equipment, but no projectors

      And a couple of images from the roof looking over maidstone

      It was an amazing place to look round, nice and warm and dry for a change as well.
    • By Maniac
      This is the only surviving example of a kent colliery, and is looking in an increasingly bad way in recent times.
      They're still un-sure what they want to do with the buildings, so at the moment they stand there empty, a monument to the sites past use.

      All the mine shafts have one of these on them, there were 3 in total, this one was the shallowest, the deepest was over 900metres making Snowdown the deepest colliery in Kent.

      Not a lot to see really, but a nice way to spend a couple of hours, and quite a laid back explore as the security people patrolling were actually fine with us being there
      Please ignore the quality of these pics, it was over a year ago and I was still getting used to the camera!
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      St Clement's served as a mental hospital from 1937-2007, housed in old workhouse buildings constructed in the late 1800s. Here's some shots from South Block.

      Coborn Ward for adolescants

      Coborn Ward patients signing off

      The morgue, which is to be retained and turned into a house if I recall correctly.

      No slab, but a few bits and pieces remained here until someone booted the back gate in and everything of scrap value disappeared.

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      Been to this well-known Coking Plant loads of times over the years. Here are some of my favourite pics...



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