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O/T - Animal Rescue and the EU

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Hey UE chums (and hopefully animal lovers)

I've a petition for you to have a look at, and hopefully sign.

Many tears is an animal rescue centre in West Wales that takes in all sorts from all over the UK and Eire. The rehoming policy in Ireland ('the pounds') is 5 days and then a rescue is euthanised as the resources are so stretched that there is not enough time to keep taking in stray's and to hold the rescues they currently have.

Many Tears have foster homes that take strays until the centre (based in Carmarthen) can find forever homes for them. They and many of the centres volunteers travel over to Ireland and bring back as many strays from the pounds as they can and place them in foster homes all over the UK until they can be rehomed fully in appropriate homes.

However, the EU is trying to get a bill passed that to transfer dogs from Southern Ireland to the Mainland that they have to have Rabies shots and be kept in quarantine for 21 days. This is unnecessary as Rabies has been eradicated from Britain and Ireland since the 50's but this is irrelevant to them.

Obviously this would mean hundreds, even thousands of animals would be put to sleep immediately as there just isn't the space to home them in Ireland until they can pass the quarantine period and come over to the mainland. Not even given a fighting chance :(

Here is some information on Many Tears -



Some info on Rabies -


And the petition in Question -


if you don't want to sign, that is your choice. But could you please post it up on your Social network sites. The more people who see it the more who possibly sign.

Thanks for taking 5 minutes out of your day to read my post


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