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UK Millennium Mills - London - March 2014

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Millennium Mills



The Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of 20th century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock, between the Thames Barrier and the ExCel exhibition centre alongside the newly built Britannia village, in Newham, London, England. Along with Millennium Mills, there remains a small section of the now destroyed Rank Hovis Premier Mill and a restored grade II listed grain silo, labelled the ‘D’ silo. Described as a "decaying industrial anachronism standing defiant and alone in the surrounding subtopia", the Millennium Mills has become a well-loved icon of post-industrial Britain and has made its way into many aspects of popular culture, being used as a backdrop in films and television shows such as Ashes to Ashes and Derek Jarman's The Last of England. Millennium Mills is also a destination for Urban Explorers despite high security, dangers of structural weakness, ten-storey drops and asbestos, and there are many reports and internal photos of the site.

My visit

I had been wanting to visit this place for over a year, I heard that original access via Leap of Faith had be plugged, and there hadn't been any reports for a fair while, so I assumed it was not doable.

I was itching to get my teeth into something and this was just the ticket!!

A quick beverage was had with Southside Assassin and Gabe, I was pleased to hear there were lots of explores on the cards that night, we had a couple of successful ones and two fails, towards the end of the the long walk around London Southside called it a day, all credit to him he had been working all day and had to make his way home.

It was getting early/late and the old legs of this old boy were getting a bit tired! but I had to wait for train home anyway, so Gabe and I headed over to Millenium Mills, this was the jewel in the crown for me, this was the big one! I had seen reports from 2013 and had to visit!

So we finally got there and after a little brush with security, we managed to evade them with our ninja stealth skills lol ok more like Gabes expertise we were in and headed straight up to the roof! As soon as I was in that Mill and on that roof, the tiredness just went, I reckon it must have been the excitement of being in such an awesome place, the 5hr walk flew by and seemed like 2, an amazing place and I need to visit again, this place is addictive, Hope you enjoy the report!

Like to say a massive thanks to Gabe for getting me in this place and the fabulous tour of the mill, couldn't have asked for a better explore guide! Top Man!

On roof











Very strange surreal sight this was for me, sort of thing you expect to see in a "Saw" film :)



Room with a view




Couldn't resist going with the fan shot, even though been done to death!















Thanks for looking! Sorry for soo many photographs! love the place though!

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Want!!! Love this report mate, looks like such a banging place....made me chuckle to see that Vibes tag up there, he gets everywhere :thumb

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Well Rik, Mate you've definitely smashed this, what an awesome set of shots, I loved our visit of MM (with SK, Nelly, Wevsky and the guys) so much to see although was a hell of a long time ago now !, Brilliant shot of the "Amplify your voice" ghost ad, I never saw it god knows how I missed it, it's fappin huge !, Silo "D" is another favourite too

Quality Stuff

:thumb !

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      Today the Christian Centre lays more vandalised than ever...
      still worth a wonder in my opinion