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UK letsbe avenue march 2014

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before i get to the good bit im just going to say that i have been watching this location for the best part of a year now and after several failed attempts ive finally made it in. i have some history for the place but i wont be posting it for a while as it would give the location away and we all know what would happen next.

i hope you like what you see and with some luck i'll be back in and getting more




















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Nice set you got there, looks like a cool place, love the pool and the room with all the lights hanging down xx

There's a disco ball up in between them lights and it's still working!! I didn't know weather to take photos or dance

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Liking this a lot, patience has paid off!. Really nicely lit.

Thanks buddy, yeah the place had become an obsession to be honest. I'm a little bit gutted that it's in such good condition though (if that makes sense) I like a bit more grime and mould myself lol. Still got loads to check out though on this one. Gonna try again tomorrow.

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nice looking location :thumb

Cheers wevsky, it's a big old place.. To be honest I didn't realise just how big it was. So much more to explore

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Im liking that as some nice features captured :D

Cool share :cool2:

Thank you very much.. I'm hoping to get back in tomorrow and find some furniture. The place was a bit bare like

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    • By Ryda
      I cannot give the location of this site out, as amazingly, it is under my friends cellar in his house!
      Lucky lad!
      I popped down today to take some pictures, it has been covered on underground kent, but rather boringly, so I thought id jazz the place up a little, and it was good practise for me haha
      the tunnel itself is entered by some steps from the cellar, then you have a tunnel running to your left and right, about 7 metres each side. At the end of the right side however, there is a small hole in the top of the tunnel that leads up to the garden, this has been covered with some thin plastic, because its hidden in the bushes so nobody will fall down it!
      Straight ahead of you is a chalk tunnel that leads down the the well, which is approx 260ft deep. Standing on the well grille and looking up you can see that it would have met ground height, but the owners have now capped the top.
      I played with long exposure A LOT, im sorry... im learning

      these used to drain water down into the well

      These markins were apparently found here

      &&&& here is the beast... Can you notice a small hole a few metres down?? hmm

      Looking back up, capped off at surface level

      Back into the cellar, can anyone think why there is a clear arch in the bricks

      Its taken me fooking ages to set all this up so if i might have forgotten anything, if you want to check here my photobucket
    • By superwide
      Visited this place a few months ago but did not descend into the 2 chambers as I was by myself, felt a little braver this morning so went back for another look. Unfortunately I did not take my box brownie this time as I forgot to pick it up when I left, the pics below are from my first visit but only show the entrance tunnel and a few shots down into it. Went in this time, what a great little place, no chav damage and in really good nick. It was originally built to supply water to the Silversprings factory.

      Tunnel leading in

      Looking back at entrance

      Across the top of the 2 chambers

      Looking down

      One of the 3 vents above

    • By SuZyQue
      The Granville Hotel was designed by Pugin, and is now apartments, Iv'e explored the abandoned part of the Granville Hotel, which I will put in a separate report, I was lucky enough on one of my regular walks along the beach to get chatting to a elderly gentleman who lives in a apartment in The Granville and he kindly showed me around, and told me that the Tower was a look-out post in WW2 for fires after bombs had been dropped on the town, he had a word with the caretaker and I got a invite to have a look. I had to climb up a 30ft ladder through a loft hatch holding onto a piece of rope attached to the old lift mechanism and was terrified, especially coming down but it was worth it for the views. Anyway enough said, enjoy the pics.
      This pic was taken before I went inside.

      There was a flat roof we climbed up to and looked up and saw this seagull giving us the eye, I found out why when we finally got up there, they had a nest up there so as I was taking pics we were getting bombed lol, it was hilarious.

      These lion statues are on the corners right at the top.

      The tower from the flat roof.

      The view from the top.

      Looking out over ramsgate harbour.

      The top of the chimneys, I luv this pic.

      Very unsafe floors in here.

      Some pics of the gravitti the fellas did back in ww2.

      Looking down the stairs of the tower.

      This was the look-out room where the gravitti was.

      A few random pics, it was a very tight space up there, but fantastic.

      Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did being up there, big thanks to John and Eric for the invite, I could even see a plane at Manston we were that high up.
    • By MattSights
    • By vanishing days
      another roc post capped with a lump of concrete no access