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I have been trying, unsuccesfully, to post a report on Severalls. I have it on 28dl, and copied the text box across. I have since whittled down and down and am now down to 8 images, but am still getting the following error:

Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words.

How stringent is the limit? Or is there somethig amiss here (I host my photos on flickr) The FAQ say up to 30 images are allowed so I don't see where I am falling foul.

Here is the 28dl thread to show that I know what I am doing...! :D


Any advice would be appreciated

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    • By FarOutAdventure
      Desert Center is a census designated place in the Colorado Desert in Riverside County, California. It is in southern California, between the cities of Indio and Blythe at the junction of Interstate 10 and State Route 177 (Desert Center-Rice Road). The ZIP Code is 92239, and the community is in telephone area codes 442 and 760. The elevation is 656 feet (200 m). The population was 204 at the 2010 census.
    • By coolboyslim
      History borrowed from @Lavino has there is nothing else on this i could find. Hope you dont mind m8ty.
      The long established St John's, Wingates CE Primary & Fourgates County Primary schools were closed in 2004 following amalgamation to form The Gates CP School. The place has remaining untouched for many years after the Bolton Council set up a Family Learning Centre there for a few months but again moved to another building in Bolton City Centre and was put up for sale in 2009 but no buyers were found it remains to be seen wether the building will be knocked down in the near future.
      Ok this was a second visit. Just before place was demolished Sadly.
      Never seem to have got round to putting this up so will do now. The place had quite some charm especially the piano room. You could picture all the kids sat on floor singing away. Deffo was worth the visit. Thanks go to whoever it was put this on my radar lol. To far back to remember. You know who you are.
      On with pics.



      This pic inside a outbuilding was done by all the kids








      The piano..









      Anyways hope you enjoy and thx for looking.
    • By ExploringLancashire
      Not much history other than it shut down back in the 1980's at some point..
      Had fun in here very thankful I had someone with me who's been a few times before (none member). Had a blast working our way around all the paths and climbing under and over cave ins.. Love my first underground explore..
      Took over 300 pictures.. Only ones I have edited..








      Rare Sight






    • By BlocksPhotography
      Another mad trip to Wales with Tom earlier in the year, We found ourselves searching for a few tweed mills amongst a few other places;
      The 1st mill was okay, had a few nice things to snap but not much colour going on, We grabbed a few shots and headed off to the next one. After a bit of guidence from some lovely locals  we were heading the right way and soon enough we came across the entry point - shall we say. Those who know that the entry to the 2nd mill is rather fun but you could end up getting very wet (there is an easier way) But we wanted to go the fun way, so now inside the 2nd mill we were greeted with lots and lots of lovely bright colours, So out came the 50mm and we started getting some pics, I dont often use my 50mm so I forget how good it is sometimes, it always seems to give a nice sharp image.
      Now on with some pics
      Mill one,



      Mill two,









      Hope you guys enjoy the pics :-)
    • By BlocksPhotography
      Somewhere north of me is this lovely abandoned farm house, Filled with lots of items from years ago, Lovely old camera was a nice find too. Downstairs was a tad too dark to say the least, so all these pics are from the upstairs. Was a nice way to finish waht had been a rather rubbish day to be honest.










      Thanks for looking :-)


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