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Littlebrook Oil-fired Power Station.

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Any information about this place? It's near the Dartford crossing behind the Sainsbury's distribution centre and digging around has found out that Littlebrook D is still in use until 2015 but the remaining site is being decommissioned. Some of the buildings have already been demolished according to Google and Bing maps earth view. I think a recce is on the cards.


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Certainly has possibilities but defo a semi live site according to this article

(Reuters) - Dated May 31 2013 -The UK arm of Germany utility RWE will stop production at one of two 685-megawatt (MW) units at its oil-fired Littlebrook power plant from midnight on June 2 due to uneconomic market conditions, the company said on Friday.

The unit will still be available for power generation within 72 hours when needed, RWE npower added.

"We are simply responding to seasonal changes in demand and optimising our performance," a spokeswoman said.

Unit 2 at the power plant, located a few miles east of London, is on a scheduled maintenance outage until Sept. 15 but its production may also be stopped once the outage is completed, RWE npower said in a message to power market traders.

The decision to cut production at Littlebrook requires no job cuts, the spokewoman added.

The Littlebrook power plant began operating in 1981 and opted out of an EU-wide law to curb environment harming emissions, meaning it has a limited number of allocated operating hours until the end of 2015.

The spokeswoman said the decision to curb production had nothing to do with the plant's .

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It's been certainly been explored before but one group spent quite a few hours in the cells after being caught there so tread carefully :wink:

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I did Littlebrook back 2008 with two friends of mine not sure if its still possible ? there used to be a mock up nuclear reactor for training purposes in there.

that group that got caught in there where asking for it as they went in the middle of the day and there was 12 of them.


fake nuclear reactor its BIG note the railings down in the left of the picture

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