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Actual Urbex Dreams

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Have any of you had dreams about abandoned places?

The other night I had a dream about Fletchers Paper Mill although bits of it obviously weren't, and just last night I had a dream about Hartford Mill which in my dream had a load of hi-vis wearing pikeys stood on the roof of a small building next to it which was heavily on fire :)

I guess my subconscious is telling me I need to get out a bit more!

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Made me smile this Mookster :D

I have to be honest I cant remember if i ever have drempt of Urban exploration or locations

but when you think about those who are involved it cant be a sunject matter any different than any other :o:thumb

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Hi-vis wearing pikie arsonists - sounds like a weird dream. What would psychoanalysis reveal in that one? :D :D

Personally I can't remember any exploring dreams to tell.

On a similar note a weird thing happened a few years ago when we went on two-week exploring road trip. We were getting up at 4am everyday and there was no early nights as we had so much driving to do. So it was a case of catching a nap wherever possible during the day, on the floor of a derp, on a rusty bed frame in the old hospitals etc. It got so the lines between consciousness and unconsciousness got blurry, and toward the end of the trip and for two weeks after I started having waking dreams. So I'd 'wake up' in the hotel room - or later my bedroom - and for about half a minute or so I'd think I was in a derelict building as all the paint on the walls was peeling and there were cobwebs everywhere etc. It was more of a nightmare really if you can imagine waking up in the near pitch-dark in a derp - you don't know where you are or who else is in there with you! Needless to say I was quite glad when they stopped! :(

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All the time, Joeys (well a weird version of Joeys where the layout is different) pops up quite a lot in my dreams as well as other random ruins, also had a dream about exploring the building where one of my mates currently works (in the dream it was derelict). Glad i'm not the only one :)

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Yeah i have your not the only one, planning on my first explore this week and last and i dreamed about being locked in one of the body fridges in the hospital, bad enough it woke me up and theres a i hate elvis room thats where i was found and locked up in the body fridge!


:/ :/

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I had one recently, where I was exploring what was apparently a foundry in France, but when we got inside it was pitch black, and everything was totally overgrown and there was almost like a forest inside, and it had it's own ecosystem so was raining inside the building. Very odd.

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