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Netherlands A Trip to the Zoo, Dierenpark Wassenaar, May 2014

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Whilst on holiday with the wife & kids last week I managed to slip away for a couple of hours to check out this old abandoned zoo.

Opened in 1937 and closed in 1985 and at one time housed 3500 animals. The place is massively overgrown and a lot of the old wooden buildings have collapsed onto themselves. The animal cages still survive within the undergrowth and the large greenhouse is relatively intact although pretty much full of bushes and brambles other than a very small part at one end.

I didn’t see anybody else whilst I was there but there are signs that it is somewhat looked after as there were fresh tyre tracks visible on the ground and there was obvious signs of repair to the various holes that have been made in the fences over time.

An unusual explore it was the first abandoned zoo for me and although not a massive amount to see it was worth a look.

















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Nice location and nice pics! Was there last evening but no way of getting in, a lot of police.. think because of the fact that it's the kings frontyard!

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Nice to see something different! Loving the Toyota 4x4.

There is an enormous shut down zoo I am hoping to go have a nose around in America at some point.

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