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The Elusive

What was Chorley!

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So i went up north and fancied meself abit of underground arch porn.. as you do was absolutley gutted to ge tehre and find this...


Sorry its a crappy phone pic, I was proper gutted!

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Oh thats a shame, im gutted for you!! But thanks for the heads up, and it may save some one a wasted journey :)

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    • By coolboyslim
      Ok time for one of my very very early reports lol.
      Tourist central but was great has never been at the time. Now its been burned up has far as i know.
      I know its been done a lot but hopefully i may have something of intrest we will see.
      History this is all i could dig up.
      the home of UK’s consul to the Kingdom of Latvia from 2005 until 2007. The building has undergone various changes and alterations over the years. Extensive renovation work took place to prepare the building for use at the Latvian Consulate. This has resulted in a strange mixture of modern styles which are now beginning to look dated
      The residence was sold after it ceased to be used by the consul and plans were drawn up to demolish the building and redevelop the land for use as a rehabilitation centre for people with drug and mental health problems. Objections were made and the building has been unused since the planning application was withdrawn.
      So sad how downhill this has gone... Even worse now.
      It was well easy lol. But wish i could have seen it in its prime. on with pics

      What used to be the pool

      What was left of snooker table

      Jakuzi what was left

      Where the table used to be

      Hope you enjoy. Its just an empty shell now. Thanks for looking all its apreciated
    • By Paulpowers
      Last time I visited here I didn't have a tripod and ended up not being able to get any decent shots so as I was sat on the M6 going no with the turn off less than a mile away I decided to break up the trip up
      There isn't any history knocking about but since the other reservoir down the road was demolished this is now the last remaining victorian service reservoir in Lancashire, there are not many of these brick vaulted reservoirs left in the country with most that are left being in or around Landan.

    • By Paulpowers
      After looking for this one for a while it popped up in here so I have to say thanks to Will Knot for the location, like a dick I was looking half a mile up the road for the site.
      I was passing and decided to pop in under the cover of darkness, to say it's close to the nearby house would be an understatement so I headed over in the dark and almost slipped on my arse more than once but it was worth it
      I did have a new tripod after Hyde Falls ate my manfroto one but the new one snapped the day I got it so these are handheld or with the camera placed on the floor


    • By Mrbeardo

      Ok so I thought my previous report was going to be my last but I thought why not put some old ones up to just continue contributing etc.
      Visited last november on a very chilly night, within weeks of news it was to close.

    • By Paulpowers
      I needed a poo and was driving through Chorley so I decided to pop in the Latvian Embassy.
      It's rare to find a decent crapper in a derp let alone toilet roll worth using but this one had both.
      I can't find any history on the site so here is some random info about Latvia
      It's pretty swanky inside with stables, swimming pool, sauna, snooker room, loads of bathrooms, a couple of kitchens and loads of bedrooms.
      The decor is a bit dated but the place did close 5 years ago

      I left a steaming log in the toilet
      10+ urbex points for the next person in if they take a pic of it

      Finally the stables