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3 generations tour!

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    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      On a crisp friday 3 men and a little lady (mysellf and members proj3ctm4yh3m, Mr Dystopia and Lowri Jen 37) boarded a ferry from Newcastle heading to Amsterdam.
      The start of an epic 3 days of exploring with 8 locations done and no fails
      We met some brilliant folk and had an absolute scream, really really enjoyed this trip, havent laughed so hard for ages.
      After a heavy night on the boat we arrived at Amsterdam, and proceeded with the 2 and bit hours drive to our first location Chateau Gramophone. Outside we met up with the great explorer Luc De Cock, where, after scaring the crap out of us in his black security uniform , we made our way in.
      Stunning building with a surreal interior, one of the most intact/untouched places I`ve had the pleasure to be in.

      onto processing report 2, my favourite explore ever !!!
    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      Day 2 of the tour
      After a very quiet night we were all up at 5am for a 60 minute drive (why is everything in Belgium 60 mins away)
      Parking in a very conveniently situated carpark we done a brisk hop skip and jump and we were in.
      Pitch black we made our way down to the basement for an hours attempt at sleeping,the excitement was too much for me and there was no chance of sleeping.
      About 7:50am we made our way up and into the main hall, this is the 2nd time I`ve been lucky enough to do this magnificent building, as just like the first time it took my breath away.
      It so bloody big !! it tricks you from the outside, and it tricks you from the low ceiling rooms you walk through to get to the main hall, how many times I just stopped and looked around, probably too many.
      I feel honoured to have stood in this place, really holds a grip over me I cant explain, maybe its like when your a child and your have your favourite sports/super car and then you see it, I guess thats what this place is like for me. Ever since seeing a pic of this 18 months ago i knew I had to get in there, no matter what. I still get the hairs on the back of neck standing up when I think/look at pics of it.
      Anyhows.......... 5hours later we exited and started the 60 minute (see what I mean) drive to location number 3
      sorry for the number of pics but this is cut down from 70 !

      The Baron
    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      ok, been a while since I posted from this trip.
      Day 3, after a very messy night involving several bottles of "baron" red wine, our motley crew awoke.
      Where were we going ?? The night before had been frantic messages home and abroad trying to figure out if the place was still open.......... yes/no/yes/no, then we decided Foret, but then we decided prison........ the last message I had stated it was open, so we got in the car and set off.
      After at least 3 wrong turns on the motorways we finally got heading in the right direction !!
      We met up with 2 explorers from Holland, Mornix and Mallory, good friends and really good to see them again. (Mallorys Apricot pie was amazing !! and who says prison food is rubbish )
      Long story short......... we got in........ took some pics......... go out........ no dramas no gypsies but we heard a few guns being fired in the prison next next door.

      The Baron
    • By Stussy

      From the Jupilerrrrr Euro Tour with Baron of Derpland and Mega Magpie Kores!
      A lovely mid day wander around this rather public location, how we didn't get spotted is beyond me!!

      Thanks for looking!!!

    • By Ninja Kitten

      I Know...i know...its been a while..Ive definatly not been in retirement
      ..just a very busy bee last year and spending time on the forums just didnt seem to get squeezed in... After a poke n a prod off PS i thought it about time i whacked a report up....so here you have it...NKPS "Spinning Wheel Tour 2015" Farm 1881
      Yet again i find my self sat in the green pea heading south towards the boarder with my co pilot and partner in crime PS.. We boarded good ole P & O and with in a few hours we hit foreign ground..We had about 9 hours of light and a list of places too see before darkness fell and our ferry back so it was "Mission on!!" coffee by the bucket.. roll ups by the dozen... and match sticks keeping our eyes open off we went....one of the places we wanted to see had been named farm 1881.. An odd place tucked away on the edge of a forest...i really dont think that i have ever been inside such an intriguing house in my life... little rooms tucked away on different levels that can only be accessed by ladders..and jam packed full with the strangest of oddities.. from the macabre to the down right bizarre... Anyways...less of me rambling on and on with the pics..Explored as always with perjury Saint and a crazy belgium buddy Stijn Brands...

      These are framed photos ...they are called photo keepsakes...made around the victorian era typically out of memories to the person whos face is cut out and put into the frame with real hair jewelrey ect...

      Death Masks..made of wax and wrapped up in newspaper stored in a box amongst other macabre items..

      This young man served on the vessel Algerie..below you can see the top of the ship

      Comfirmation Day for a very important little lady

      PS will tag his pics on to this ...