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Another bar destroyed by the ongoing feuds & politics engaged in by the big clubs on Ibiza. Looks like it re-opened 2004



Morgana is a mix of chill-out gardens, VIP terraces and indoor dance club. Lavishly decorated both inside and out in Arabian style complete with comfy sofas under Moroccan tents, wrought iron furniture, lanterns and elaborate paving, no expense has been spared in creating the ultimate night time venue.

I think it closed 2005 'cause I can't find anything on it after that & I visited in 2014. Any way enjoy the decor.........

15304076809_7e793ff4a0_c.jpgAK Morgana front by Infraredd, on Flickr

15304336448_41ba254895_c.jpgAK Morgana entrance by Infraredd, on Flickr

15490635672_c731539e55_c.jpgAK Morgana bar by Infraredd, on Flickr

15490984405_75da95262b_c.jpgAK Morgana fire place by Infraredd, on Flickr

15304420167_2977453a23_c.jpgAK Morgana counter by Infraredd, on Flickr

15467868716_dcd0fa89ce_c.jpgAK Morgana bar by Infraredd, on Flickr

15304277930_1b24bec870_c.jpgAK Morgana lounge seating by Infraredd, on Flickr

15304076039_6de8cab4a4_c.jpgAK Morgana lounge by Infraredd, on Flickr

15490628602_f4fed82f2d_c.jpgAK Morgana rear by Infraredd, on Flickr

15304072259_31a4b06e32_c.jpgAK Morgana terrace by Infraredd, on Flickr

15304410777_63dff32a2f_c.jpgAK Morgana till by Infraredd, on Flickr

Full set


Thanks for looking

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Not looking quite so VIP these days but interesting to imagine what it once would have been like, bet some shit went down after hours in there :D

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