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Amongst other places I have a gallery on Deviant Art - A mix of artwork, photagraphy & Urbex


& my Flickr is https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/ - Mostly Urbex

My personal domain site is

http://www.grimoiresdufaerie.com/ - Mostly Artwork

I do the explores to gather backgrounds for drawings for when I'm too old to be climbing in and out of dangerous places.

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    • By franconiangirl
      The public bath, constructed in the style of Art Nouveau, consists of three pools (two for men, one for women). Additionally, it had several showers, steam- and public baths and even an own bath for dogs. It was opened in 1914 after a construction time of three years (1911 - 1913). In the same year it was shortly closed due to the start of World War I. The entry prices at that time were between 10 - 40 pfennig (former German currency).
      During WW II the swimming pool was protected due to different air raid precautions, which contained mainly brownout through covering the windows with curtains or cardboards. Some lamps and windows were also coated with paint. Below the consisted several bomb shelters for the nearby population. Despite all measurement, the building was largely destoryed due to several bombings. After the war it had to be reconstructed, which took around 15 years until it was completed totally. In the 1970s the number of visitors decreased steadily, due to a lack of investments, which made the baths more and more unattractive compared to other, more modern swimming pools. In the year 1994 the baths was closed and hasn´t been opened until today. It was temporarily used for popular techno parties in the 90's but the future is still uncertain.
      A re-use as a swimming pool has been considered to be unprofitable so far. It´s a pity to see such amazing architecture in the state of decay.

    • By The_Raw
      This is a thread to share any impressive artwork you've come across inside abandoned buildings. Graffiti, street art or whatever you want to call it isn't always to everyone's taste and it can be an annoyance when done in the wrong place. At other times though it can really bring a place to life and actually be more interesting than it's trashed surroundings if it's done well. Let's see some of the stuff you've found on your explores!
      I'll start off proceedings with a series of paintings by Phlegm, one of the UK's most prolific street artists. These were all found in his home town of Sheffield.

    • By Art 'n Decay
      I'm kind of a forum-noob, but this platform-thing looks very interesting, we will get to know each other better soon I hope :-)
      I follow oblivionstate a lot on facebook, and so now it seems I washed up on this wasteland-paradise between you other decay-fetishists
      So thank you skeleton key for inviting me over ;-)
      OK, so hi, I am Jef Peeters, 33 years old and living in Antwerp, Belgium.
      Hooray: land of beer, city of diamonds (and I do refer to "Chambre De Commerce" rather than the pointy chrystal rocks)
      I normally speak dutch, so apologies for the grammar and writing-champions among you brothers and sisters...
      I will do my best, but honestly I have a lack on grammar anyway
      I am "urbexing", as in exploring with a photocamera, for five years now.
      Started with a Nikon D40 for some time, now shooting with good old Nikon D7000,
      and planning to get an FX... a Nikon D750, or the giant leap to Canon, I don't know yet.
      In five years exploring, I have done some nice adventures.
      In Belgium off course, but I do like to go abroad: Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg.
      Two weeks ago I went first time to Italy for six days, and that won't be the last time either for sure!
      I will post some eyecandy later on, I am way behind editing, but for those who want to see it all at once:
      everything I editted on my flickr-albums: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artndecay/albums
      or on my facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtnDecay
      Never made it to UK, I wish, but I heard it's very hard to explore overthere.
      I do dream walking in Potter's school, Post office, Camelot Park or that ark synagoge.
      And I really need to see those maunsell sea forts before you can rent a room in those.
      I read a lot of you live in UK, so I hope we will discuss this topic later on
      See you around, on the web or on the road,
      and if I can help you out on something, don't hesitate to ask.
    • By northerngeek
      Visited with The Elusive and two others. The Elusive have already posted lots of info, so I'll just post some of my shots :-).
      Some impressive art work on this ship.

      The Elusive in action.

      I thought the colours of the decay itself was quite artsy too :-).

      Thanks for looking :-)
    • By Trooper
      My site is www.deviantmind.co.uk it's not updated because I am lazy but worth a look.