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Mid Wales Hospital sold out to the Daily Fail

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    • By Mrbeardo
      Thought I'd post my old stuff up seeing as Nelly promised to post me a greggs pasty in return.

    • By SuZyQue
      Found a few more of St.Ebbas, nice to see these again, lots peeling paint and random bricks coming through doors lol:- Enjoy

      Just found this pic and I luv it lol:-

    • By SuZyQue
      Just a few pics from here, this was a great day out.

    • By Gigi
      We were here for a maximum of 2 hours. 1 hour getting in and getting to this room. haha. Soon after we got chased by Mr Very Scary Security. Was so funny hehe. My friend hid in the cupboard while we all escaped, we were waiting for him for 10 minutes before he could sneak out!
      1 - Had to do a bit of climbing to get in

      2 - art deco staircase

      3- had to run so fast through these, but also very quietly to get to the theatre.

      4- cool buttons

      5 - epic lights

      6 - Visiting hours are over

      7 - a real brain scan left behind

      8 - the last shot

    • By hmltnangel
      Ok, first post on here, so hope you enjoy. Just a small explore from middle of last year but an interesting little one one nonetheless. 
      The Royal Victoria closed bit by bit over the last few years, finally becoming empty last year. Each time we pitched up there was always something still active so we accidentally left it a bit too long without checking. Big mistake, the neds burnt half the place to the ground and a sh!tload was demod to make it safe. 
      Anyway, we managed to explore a good but of it but only took photos of the main block. The old Victorian building despite looking externally brilliant - has been so modernised inside there is no hall anymore - just a bunch of admin rooms. 
      Enough babbling - on with the pics
      Main Entrance
      _DSC2237 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Inside the Main Entrance
      _DSC2229 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2228 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Sink anyone?
      _DSC2227 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2224 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Spotless Ward
      _DSC2222 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Spine Corridor
      _DSC2221 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2216 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2214 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      Smashed Ward and Bed
      _DSC2205 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr
      _DSC2239 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr