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Derelict Toilets of the UK, 2013-2018

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The Derelict Toilet.


AKA the Lavatory, Loo, WC, Crapper, Khazi, Bog, Dunny, Shithouse, John, Cack-Laboratory, Latrine, Little boys room, Ivory throne.

An obsession I didn't realise I had until I was reviewing my pictures after visiting St. Johns and counted 33 images of toilets in various shapes, sizes, and stages of decay. I reviewed photos from previous explores and the toilet image content ratio was hovering at around 15-20%. Like watching the first series of breaking bad in two evenings, or smoking crack, the addiction had crept up on me and by this time it was too late, I was hooked...

From that day forth, I can't help myself and actively seek out these attractive ceramic recepticles. Sometimes I find a lonely toilet, tucked away in an abandoned asylum and I've been overheard saying things like "there there" and "It's OK daddy's here".

It has taken a long time to sift through 1000's of photographs in my dropbox but I'd like to share some of these with you.

My high points have included the multitude of toilets at Severalls and St. Johns, Low points being only able to find one at Sleaford Bass Maltings and worse still, NONE at Wolverton Works.

Please share your own toilet finds below, I'd love to see them


The History

We each spend three years of our lives on the toilet. A toilet is a plumbing fixture used for defecation, urination, and barfication.

Modern toilets consist of a bowl fitted with a hinged seat and are connected to a waste pipe where waste is flushed. The Englishman with the unfortunate surname, Thomas Crapper, often gets credit for inventing the flushing toilet, and he undoubtedly was a major player in its development. His valve-and-siphon design was patented in 1891, and his company manufactured water closets that found wide acceptance all over England.

In the decades preceding World War I his toilets imprinted with “T. Crapper Brass & Co., Ltd." inspired a generation of young American soldiers stationed in England during World War I, and they returned to America with a new slang term for the relatively new household fixture.

Here are some of my favourite Ivory delights...

Where it all began...


St.John's Asylum, Lincolnshire.














Severalls Hospital, Colchester.










10. A sink photobombing my toilet shot.



11. It all became to much and she took her own life, if only i'd got there sooner :(



12,13(identical twin sisters),14.



Ferdowse Clinic AKA Heckington Manor, Lincolnshire




16. Green Peek-A-Loo



17. "The waffler" (Not strictly a shitter, but i like its body)



George Dyke Forgemasters, Willenhall

18. A bit young for my liking but attractive nonetheless.



Sleaford Bass Maltings, Lincolnshire.

19. Just me and her..



Anonymous Place




Wigston Leisure Centre, Leicestershire. (visited here the day before it got torched)

21. Intrigued by this half-toilet half-human hybrid



22. Unfortunately passed away due to smoke inhalation in a recent fire. RIP.



Rauceby Asylum, Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

23. "The Cross-Trainers"



Derby Royal Infirmary, Derpyshire.




25. Toilet action selfie



Nocton Hall and RAF Hospital

26. Old and single



The RAF Binbrook Toilet Massacre, Lincolnshire




I have several thousand more toilet shots stored away in a special place on my laptop, but they're for me...

As always, cheers for looking and feedback always welcome and appreciated peeps. Good to be back in the game again after a bit of a break!

Now show me yours!!



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This is crap... Hahaha! At least this one won't get taken down by some hyped up power happy anal bead. ;) I'm searching through my laptop now for any toilets I have left!

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Bog time!

1- Romford


2- Colchester


3- Rochford


4- Chertsey


5- Frinton


6- There's a god reason why this is blurred, I was taking pictures casually to document everything, saw this and shot back so fast. The thing was brown and smelt pretty fresh... But then, what do you expect from Yarmouth? :P


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This thread stinks

Some of these go back way into the depths of my archives

Hellingly Asylum


Wispers Girls School



Elms Care Home with a peculiar booster seat. May or may not be the one Landie Man took a smelly dump in.


RAF Upper Heyford


Radcliffe Infirmary, one divided into two


Miraculously undamaged one from Chesham Hospital


Wrong type of chair at Brigstock POW Camp


St. Gerard's Hospital


Malvernbury before the rot



Standish Hospital



Chateau l'Ecole


U.S. Military Hospital


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Thought i'd stick these crappers up for the ivory lickers...

Location: St. Edmunds Hospital / crack den

Time: Summer 2014

Visited with: Session9, Matt Inked, Southside Assassin, The Lone Shadow

1. Lures you in with the yellow door...


2. Peeler Pt.1


3. Too late..


4. Peeler Pt.2


5. The Booster


6. Ball Cock error


7. Peeler Pt.3 with a life jacket on


8. One for the Ladies :D


9. What I thought of St. Edmunds Hospital...


R.I.P. Thomas Crapper 1836-1910 :sad3::Poo

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Nice! At least the 1st comment on this thread isn't 'ok i'm going to allow this but...' :rolleyes:. Will get some of my shitter snaps up soon :P got a good one at the weekend... Hamtagger did you ever see the Latvian Consulate? Not really worth seeing now but every other room was a toilet, you would of loved it.

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Nice! At least the 1st comment on this thread isn't 'ok i'm going to allow this but...' :rolleyes:. Will get some of my shitter snaps up soon :P got a good one at the weekend... Hamtagger did you ever see the Latvian Consulate? Not really worth seeing now but every other room was a toilet, you would of loved it.

Hahahha! I'm tempted, but i'll refrain from commenting on that first part :D

And as for the Latvian place, nah mate but it sounds like heaven to me lol. I doubt i'd have ever left if i went here! :thumb :thumb

Looking forward to seeing your crappers :)

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Hahahha! I'm tempted, but i'll refrain from commenting on that first part :D

And as for the Latvian place, nah mate but it sounds like heaven to me lol. I doubt i'd have ever left if i went here! :thumb :thumb

Looking forward to seeing your crappers :)

Not bitter that my pics got removed from that thread or anything lol, anyway here's a few of mine

St Joeys, Upholland


St Joeys, Preston


think it's in my report but this toilet at Katie's House was weird, had a mirror either side so you could definitely see yourself having a dump...


Preston odeon


Have more but my hard drive is at home, will get the rest up when i can...

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Thanks for the additions mate :thumb

Poor teddy, but i'm liking the mirror concept, triplicate...or triplicack! :Poo

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  • Similar Content

    • By Wevsky
      This was day one of our tour de la derp..
      Fascinating place and many rooms full of allsorts including the basement level with the bits everyone wants to see..
      Visited with sx-riffraff ,Crazy fool and spaceinvader who was having 40 winks back atthe car
      The horror labs is situated in a now mainly converted area so making access not as straightforward as youd like ,but access was gained none the less

      The light in here as many of you know or have gathered isnt great due to the small window at end of the room so its a bitch to get right

      Thanks for looking and no doubt i'll have a few more up during the day
    • By yonaguni

      this house always gave me the creeps as i drove by..then i noticed it was abadoned...I asked around and found out A Mrs Coffee live there..known as the town meanie..she had a hard life..her only son was killed in a car accident..her husband committed sucide..she had a daughter but noone knew anything about her...

      The basement held the sad reminders..a buys and girls bike for children long gone...

      the old lady had started hoarding...

      the house was unlivable who knows how she got around

      books were everywhere

      several rooms were so pack all i could do was poke my camera in the door

      that painting came home with me..

      this was the master bedroom..it was impassable

      i think the old lady slept in the bathtub

      now to the really creepy room...judging by the art it looks like late 60s early 70's

      wow weaird as hell..seems the daught noone knew about left as a young child or died with the brother in the same accident...because her bed room is largly unchanged since the 1970s


      A very strange room

      the kitchen was the only toom in the hoiuse that seemed normal

      it was once a nice house..

      i watched as workers picked over the house..i saw them smiling with arm fulls of stuff they decided to keep...i went in a few more times to find it almost completely stripped...i found dolls in unopened boxes..it was near chirstmas time so i took them and out them in the donation boxes for kids..before the other scavangers could grab them..they tore the house down..and quickly built another who sold quickly a new familt now lives on this spot....
      I caught several voices thought my walkthough gost of this haunted doll house...makes me wonder if the new house is haunted too...
    • By The Urban Collective
      A stunning grade two listed gem decaying right on the high street.
      Featuring the stunning architecture of Alfred Waterhouse who also designed Strangeways prison the Manchester town hall.
      The main building has been used for many different purposes over the years as well as Prudential themselves. And the basement club was once a Berni inns restaurant (Cafe Monico)
      a chain that served a post-war British public such delight's as sherry schooners steak and chips and black forest gateau as well as becoming a dance club in the 90's.
      We had a wonderful two hours in this grade two listed time capsule. Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed the explore.
      Thanks for any feedback
      The Urban Collective
      We Film It...

























    • By yonaguni

      When i was a kid this was known as  Crazy Marys house...The rumor was she froze to death but had pleanty of money to put the heat on....it wasent true..she was a mean old lady for sure who scared the crap out of me screeching  at me when i walked by..Her Husband was a doctor and who killed himself  in the house..he was an old fashiong doctor...back in his day you never went to a hospitol you went to the doctors house...he amputated arms, legs, preformed surgury in the basement..

      He died in the late 1960s his wife in the 1980s...the house has never see anyone stay there for long..they alway seem to move out

      After crazy mary died workers came to clean out the house..my friend knew one and he went in..i was still too scared..he came out with an skeltons skull and jaw...old time doctors used to have them...he lured me in and i saw a room filled with sinks and it was all to creepy for me

      its been empty for years..and looters took the starecase and all the copper..

      check out the floors

      a homless person had moved in an kept himself warm almost burning the house down

      For such a big house the doctor never had any children

      The house is for sale but it needs alot ofrepairs andthe neighborhood has declined so no one can afford it
      heres my video walkthough i hear a few ghostly voices
    • By a World in Ruins
      Visited on a freezing cold snowy Sunday morning with Scrappy NW and Katy. Long overdue visit this one but access isn't always possible. Inside its dark and decrepit yet enough remains to get an idea of how it looked when it was in full flow. The stage area was a no go as it has now collapsed. Structuraly it was fairly sound even in the upper areas. Things were made to last in 1894 obviously.
      Theatres have so much history and are always wonderful places to explore and photograph even if  their condition is so poor. On with some history.
      I'm sure you have all read the history of this pace in other reports but i'll put a brief summary here:
      The Burnley Empire Theatre has a profoundly poignant history that starts in the 19th Century when it was first designed by GB Rawcliffe in 1894. Owned and managed by WC Horner, it was a theatre of high regard and continued to such following works in 1911, when the auditorium was redesigned by Bertie Crewe, well respected architect, much of whose work is no longer standing – pulled down to make way for housing, shops or other amenities, or victims of the war that destroyed so many beautiful buildings.
      The interior boasts ‘two slightly curved wide and deep balconies, terminating in superimposed stage boxes framed between massive Corinthian columns supporting a deep cornice. Segmental-arched proscenium, with richly decorated spandrels and heraldic cartouche. Side walls feature plaster panels, pilasters and drops. Flat, panelled ceiling with circular centre panel and central sun burner. Restrained heraldic and Greek plasterwork on balcony and box fronts’ .
      The Theatre opened on Monday the 29th of October 1894 with a variety show and could originally seat 1,935 people.
      During its time as a theatrical venue, Charlie Chaplin, Margot Fonteyn and Gracie Fields are just a few of the names to have appeared on the now broken stage.
      In 1938 The Theatre was converted for cinema use by the Architects Lewis and Company of Liverpool, and the seating capacity was reduced to 1,808 in the process.
      Like so many other Theatres around the Country the Empire was eventually converted for Bingo use in 1970 but even this ceased in 1995 and the Theatre, despite being a Grade II Listed building, has been empty ever since and is in serious decline, and listed as one of the Theatres Trust's buildings at risk.
      On with the pics