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Anyone know anything on the Isle of Man?

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Sorry mate, wish i could help you there but the last time i was there i was wearing a nappy and sucking on nipples.. :D

Today, not much has changed really haha :eek::Gulp:

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Yeah think you may be right SK should of researched properly before i came.

Sorry mate, wish i could help you there but the last time i was there i was wearing a nappy and sucking on nipples.. :D

Today, not much has changed really haha :eek::Gulp:


cheers Slayaaa never even thought to check there, don't usually go on that site...

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Didn't get inside anywhere :violin: so no point putting up a report of just externals but here's what i did manage to find

Port Soderick, back in the day it was a tourist spot "famed for its pleasure grounds and beach"





did find something else but there's no way of posting pics of it without showing access so will leave it, hopefully will get inside next time...

Not really 'urbex' but found this as well (sorry if it's not appropriate for the site but thought they were cool & may be of interest to others on here), an old local guy made loads of these quirky things out of junk/trash/stuff he found washed up on the beach & decorated his garden with them, most locals don't even know about the place. He made loads of them with cigarettes in their mouths in protest to the smoking ban even though he doesn't actually smoke.



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Cheers guys yeah 'different' is always good imo :D Got more snaps but they're rubbish. At least i did a lot of 'recce' for next time am across haha

Cool to see urblex :thumb

The road racing connection is cool with that smoking biker with the helmet on. Looking forward to this years TT :P

The TT, that's where the real 'tourists' are at haha. Think its the only thing the isle of man is famous for, well that & being a real life craggy island haha

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