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Weirdness just off J35a M1 (UK)

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Something I've just remembered since I signed up here...

Just off the M1 J35a there's a road called Warren Lane, at the end of which there's a little brick hut with far too much security on the windows. The only time I've walked past it was in shadow & it was before ubiquitous phone torches, I couldn't see a floor in there, but I could hardly see the back wall.

There is a train line running under that hill, but the hut's a good 2-300m off from the line, so if it's an air shaft, or any shaft to the kind of rooms that got built by the diggers then they really went out of their way to go off away from the tunnel. I know a few people in the area, & no-one has any idea what is is, though everyone seems to know which little hut I mean. They all just assume it's something to do with the tunnel. There are two air vents nearby, one just off the northbound M1 sliproad, one in woods nearby, & they're both heavily fortified, & different brickwork to the hut, which unless I'm mistaken is later.

Looks like there's a small sign on the front in the Google Streetview shot I've noticed now too, that wasn't there when I passed it, torture!

Incidentally it sits within a couple of hundred metres of two industrial estates, one of which was where they made Churchill Tanks during WW2 (& the other was the old Izal factory), & the brickwork & flat concrete roof does have a hint of the late 30/early 40s about it.

If anyone's passing (you can only get off going north at J35a) it may be worth shining a torch in, if it's a shaft then it may point to there being side chambers leading off the train tunnel?

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I'm still like a coiled spring waiting for that first splorage report from you, gonna be a good one from what i've seen from you're interests so far :thumb

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I think that could possibly be where the blast door use to be for Newton Chambers War time "UnderGround" Hospital CTC ( Central Treatment Centre ) for the workers Just off Warren Lane .?

I could be wrong as just took a quick glance but looks worthy of further investigation Fekneejit ;)

Theres some mention on access points but didnt see any images?

Some say its a sunken blast proof three room structure ?

Im not sure why some have given it the grand title of hospital as by others desription sound more like a first aid station and there is some mention of a dentist ?

Any way happy hunting and go get your teeth pulled lol :thumb

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Oh god there's all sorts it could be round there by the look of things...

After reading this, it looks like the hospital part was the other side of the road, & a couple of hundred metres down the hill. It mentions being built in to the hill side & used 'til at least the 60s... Also it was built in to the hill going away from the hut I pictured.

Oh, both of them are on the 1955 OS map...


My hut - red outline, hospital - blue outline.

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I didn't realise that place was closed... It'll be very recent & probably secured, if anyone wants a look though there's a footpath from the road about 200m NW of the entrance which leads in to woodland near enough to the fence at the north corner :)

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Update: The factory is far from closed... Full car park, truck going in as I went past.

Gutted, hate it when that happens! Found a few places that looked 'explorable' then to find out they're still in use :(

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