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Architectural Plans of St Joseph's Preston

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Found some existing site plans of St Jo's that seem to match up with how it was when I went in with Urblex recently to take some photos. I've not seen them on here but if they are already on here just let me know and I'll take this down? :) Thought it would be a good idea to share them so everyone can use them. There in the form of a PDF so I'll post the link to it and you can do as you will with it. There is some waffle at the beginning describing planning permission that was granted in 2009 for "demolition of existing buildings, conversion of remaining buildings and erection of new three, four and five storey buildings to form 81 private dwellings and apartments." Yet nothing is being done about it currently.

This is the link to the PDF containing the existing plans:


This is further information on the planning application and the proposed plans:


Cheers folks:)


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