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Hi from Northampton

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Hey, I'm Matt.

Only recently got 'the bug' so not too sure what I like seeing the most, but I like old houses/factories/hospitals/industrial places, anywhere people have lived or worked....which covers pretty much everywhere actually!

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Hello Trav and welcome to OS :thumb

It's ok i still can't decide what i like the most too :???:

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, enjoy the forum :)

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Welcome to OS :thumb

I agree with Tagger here, I can't decide either what I prefer most. Look forward to your first post, everyone on here is helpful so just drop any of us a line if you need any help :)

Oh and give us a shout if your up in the North West at some point, there's plenty of stuff to see and people to meet up here

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Welcome :) like Lazarus said everyone on here is dead helpful. Have to say hospitals & asylums are my favourite well so far anyway...

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Welcome along Matt, give us a shout if you need owt!

I'd say every type of location has its own particular charm, I'm sure you'll find what does it for you pretty soon :thumb

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    • By The Lone Shadow
      Hi all,
      I am The Lone Shadow from Northampton, just dropping in to say hello. Many of you probably know me from 28days later. Been doing urbex for quite a while now and have visited several places. Currently I am on a slight break from urbex at the moment that will be resuming in approximately September this year. I have heard many good reviews about this forum especially from Hamtagger and am looking to make it one of my main sources of urbex. Just wanted to say hi to Session9, The Raw and Hamtagger - Good to see you guys all here. I will start posting some of my older reports up once I get settled in. Also just thought I would say that my ear is always to the ground, so if anybody is heading up to Northants area for an explore and want some background knowledge, advice tips on anything etc, let us know. Cheers and happy exploring people
      The Lone Shadow
    • By mookster
      Another one from my archives...
      I have a love of factories in a state of extreme decay and this is probably the best example I've come across before or since - as they invariably have little to no security on them they are a lovely easy wander, a good exercise in taking photos and sometimes very photogenic in their advanced decay. I made two visits to this enormous rubber factory on the outskirts of Northampton in 2011, which sadly is now demolished. Looking at the place from the outside you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an absolute wreck but there was plenty left inside to nose around at despite it being properly battered. It was interesting seeing some of the graffiti too, some of which dated back 10+ years which tallies with it closing around the turn of the millenium. One of my friends I got talking to actually used to work in this place in the 80s, it was his first proper job and he was stationed on one of the rubber seal machines stamping out O-rings and other stuff. This factory is most well known for supplying the floor for the Tokyo subway system, they also made solid rubber tyres for military vehicles and other types of flooring among many other smaller rubber/plastic products including equipment for the medical and scientific industries. The company now no longer exists, there is zero trace of it left in operation anywhere.

      I climbed up to the top of the water tower on site and got a couple of cheeky aerial shots, goes some way to show just some of the expanse of buildings!

      Loads more photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157626056798221/ and here www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157626461702552/

    • By Nelly
      Not really a report as such, but we swung by here on our visit to Northampton last weekend.
      A really unusual building, made more so by the fact that a whole housing estate has been built around it!!!
      We have approached the owners about a possible visit and a photo session and are waiting for a reply.
      The History (Stolen from Wikipedia)
      The National Lift Tower (previously called The Express Lift Tower) is a lift testing tower built by the Express Lift Company off the Weedon Road in Northampton, England. The structure was commissioned in 1978 with construction commencing in 1980, and was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 12 November 1982.
      Designed by architect Maurice Walton of Stimpson and Walton, the tower is 127.45 metres (418.1 feet) tall, 14.6 m (47.9 ft) in diameter at the base and tapers to 8.5 m (27.9 ft) at the top. The only lift testing tower in Britain, it was granted Grade II listed building status on 30 October 1997, at the time making it the youngest listed building in the UK.
      In January 1997, the tower fell out of use after Express Lifts was taken over by Otis and subsequently closed. In 1999, the tower and surrounding land was sold to Wilcon Homes for development.
      It is the only such tower in the UK, and one of only two in Europe.
      The building is now privately owned and has been re-named the National Lift Tower. Following extensive renovation and repairs, the tower was re-opened for business in October 2009. The tower is used by lift companies for research, development, testing and marketing. As well as being a resource for the lift industry, the building is also available to companies requiring tall vertical spaces, for example companies wishing to test working-at-height safety devices.
      There are six lift shafts of varying heights and speeds, including a high speed shaft with a travel of 100 metres and a speed of 4 metres per second.

    • By Nelly
      Went on a little road trip to Northampton today with Skeleton Key and Tstranger1066, on the way up the motorway we picked up Msaunder1972.
      After an Laurel and Hardy trip (which involved me going the wrong way around the roundabout on which the Nottingham Lift Tower lives) we arrived.
      The third and final stop was L&H Polymers A.K.A. Reacro Rubber
      The site was a damn site bigger than it looked from the front and was falling to pieces.
      Where the floor wasn't slippery with old oil then it was slippery with moss, the rain fell freely through holes in the roof and the plant life had just about taken over the place in many parts.
      Add to this the usual dangers of missing manhole covers and some really dodgy floors and ladders!!
      All in all, this was great explore and possibly my favorite of the day
      The info bit!!!!

      Taken from http://www.everythinggoesquiet.blogspot.com
      The factory was once a large busy place of work which developed the flooring for the Northampton bus station as well as some of the flooring in the London Underground as well as the Tokyo Underground in Japan. The business has now closed and what's left of the factory has been left to rot and decay. All of the floor's inside are damn and moss has began to grow from the stone floor. Most of the roof has fell through and all doors have been removed

      Just like to say a big thanks to my explore buddies for the day
      From the left - Msaunder1972, Skeleton Key, Tstranger1066 and Me!!!

      Thanks for taking the time

    • By Nelly
      Went on a little road trip to Northampton today with Skeleton Key and Tstranger1066, on the way up the motorway we picked up Msaunder1972.
      After an Laurel and Hardy trip (which involved me going the wrong way around the roundabout on which the Nottingham Lift Tower lives) we arrived.
      Second stop was Nunns Mills Power Station

      The Info Bit!!!
      Nunn Mills power station is an old disused and gutted power station in Northampton, the River Nene runs along its northern boundary whilst an infrequently used rail freight line, together with disused tracks and siding marks the southern boundary of the site.
      For more than 10 years, graffiti artists have met at a warren of abandoned factory buildings behind the town's old power station, most of these have now been demolished.

      I had been given the heads up about the CCTV and the tannoy system, but that still didn't prepare me for when it went off!!
      After a brief crackle, the automated words "Priority Seven" were endlessly repeated over the tannoy system, then a very angry sec came across the tannoy, and the conversation went like this
      Tannoy "Oi you three"
      SK "There are four of us"
      Tannoy "Oh, OK, you four!","this is private property and you are trespassing, is you don't leave immediately then the police will be called"
      The whole time the "Priority Seven" announcement continued for effect.
      We were laughing our socks off as we made our way out.

      The Graffiti

      Thanks for taking the time


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