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Denbigh "Silo" Climb - March 2015

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North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - March 2015

So, I bought a GoPro a few weeks ago and took it out for a test drive recently around North Wales. I captured footage from various locations and i've thrown together a little clip with dodgy music from t'internet for you all to have a look at :D First time i've using the GoPro editing software and that coupled with a new computer which i don't know how to use, made me want to smash the place up on quite a few occasions over the last few nights. Apologies its 8 mins long but every time i trimmed the video it saved in a unknown location either on my mac or cyberspace. I captured a few Pano's from the top of the Silo thingies and they are shown below.

Brace yourself for cheesy Urrrrbex vid...... :) And see if you can spot Session9 from the top :)

And the two iPhone Panoramics that i took in the video :)



I'll be posting on Youtube from now on so if you like (or need a good laugh at my expense) please subscribe :)

Cheers for looking peeps, and any advice or tips on GoPro/video editing much appreciated :thumb

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Cheers Raz mate! I've sussed out the basics, but couldn't figure out how to add my own music rather than internet dramatic shit :thumb

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Just watched this again.am so impressed that you took the time to film this and share it on here.if i could have vote for video for the century this would be the one .music is brill also and you are a very brave guy to climb those heights,Amazing will watch again

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