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St George Stafford sell out

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    • By Perjury Saint
      Me and NK took a mooch round this crackin' old place on a Bobbys fueled whistle stop tour of 'Steel Town'.
      Brilliant splore! Highly recommend this one, if youve not been then get crackin'!!
      On with some pix...

    • By he who must rome
      This place is well nice a big thanks to Blueink top job on info you gave me .
      This place is bigger than it looks from the outside MUCH BIGGER !, Ooooozing with goodness from one of the biggest stores to line drive shafts......iwe were in for hours and i still want to go back (and will).....history has been done in bits and bobs so on with the pics.

      Very fine grinding wheels....Knife sharpening !

      2 nice spinning frames.....with an over head line drive shaft


      Think this crane is not telling the truth some how !

      Hand written logs well nice find

      Rest easy old friend......in time we will all be with you.

      A look into the air raid shelters under the works, we came across 2 air filtration units hand driven.

      hope you liked.....there must be more to this place.
    • By macc_explore
      The Visit
      Having tried this one a few months back with Funlester and being completely baffled by how to get in the place I returned with a non member armed with a little more intel and determination paid off this time
      This is one of those explores that you really can feel the history of the place I thought.. can just imagine what a hive of activity it must have been in
      its day.
      The History
      George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was founded in 1836 and were originally situated on Wheeldon Street, Sheffield. By 1849 they had moved to the Cornish Works, which were much larger premises. They specialised in the manufacture of files and cutting tools for use in the shoe making industry.
      There are a number of family names that are known to have deep roots in the Sheffield area, and the Barnsley name is undoubtedly one of them. In 1650 George Barnsley became Master Cutler, a role fulfilled by another George Barnsley in 1883. This George Barnsley was of the second generation of the firm of George Barnsley and Sons, toolmakers.
      The business grew to become the world's leading producer of tools for shoemakers. The technological revolution of the 20th century saw a decline in the need for traditional tools. George Barnsley's survived until 2003 when the premises finally closed.

    • By cunningplan
      I haven't posted on here for ages, while I have been out and about I haven't done that much this year at all being busy with personal and family matters. Instead of doing the odd one here and there I tend to do the longer trips, I've got a couple of trips lined up in the next couple of months.
      This was our second port of call on what was a 2 night sleeping in car, 1000+ mile tour for me.
      I love industrial places and this place is stunning and I could have spent hours here, this place alone made my trip worth while.
      As its been on here loads of times, I don't think it needs a introduction so straight down to the photos. (And there's loads)

      Hope I didn't bore you with this lot
    • By Stussy

      Started a little xmas tradition of heading south to do some Engerlandishshire derpage and meet up with some of the SOCC members. So for a little solo adventure before getting a little drunk at night a visit to the classic GB's was in order.
      Arriving reasonably early in the day I was off in search of an access point, ground covered in snow and bloody cold, it wasn't too long to find a route inside. The place was in quite bad condition and very overgrown, wouldn't be easy to navigate in the summer! But I was pleasantly suprised when I found the mostly untouched workshops, they were stunning!

      Didn't spend too long in this place, a couple other explorers turned up, so time for me too leave and continue exporing in my xmas bah humbug tranquility... more to follow in later reports.
      Thanks for looking!