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UK Gleadells Mill, Kirton, May 2015

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Recently moving into the area ive been finding some great little treasures, this is pretty much on my door step. Spotted at night whilst on way back from a night/star shoot and went back in day for a recce. I believe this has never been done so wasn't very hopeful. Looked well sealed, with metal sheets and a monitored system mmhh! One morning see me do a solo trip down road. I found a tricky entry point and in. The bottom floor is monitored with flashy red lights, quick exit and home to bathe in my success :o

Constructed in 1897 with giant oak king post roof trusses, galleried landing and oak beamed floors with about 8,000 sq.ft. on each floor.

Gordon Tulley bought the Gleadells Mill site around ten years ago, but has struggled to find private investors to back his project.

He had previously planned to transform the derelict mill into modern apartments, but adjusted the plans to suit the demand for housing.

Mr Tulley wanted to demolish the building to make space for 45 to 50 homes as part of a £4 million project to rejuvenate the area.

The 'To be demolished' notice refers only to the sheds built of sheeting. The brick-built block has planning consent for conversion to residential use.

Recently sold to a Doncaster based developer Hannabal Riley, he is seeking approval from North Lincolnshire Council to pull down the mill, he told planners he intends to clear the site and leave it vacant until a decision is made on its future use. The 117-year-old North Lincolnshire farm mill now looks set to be demolished to make way for new homes.

The move comes ten years after plans from a Gainsborough-based developer were approved to renovate the mill for use as 55 residential apartments, 11 garages and five offices. This was only reported a few months ago, so this year may see the end for Gleadell's Mill.

Time will tell.

There is not a lot to see in here but its in great condition, id describe it as a mini bass maltings ;)









Hope you enjoyed the post :D

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Beautiful little spot, I love these small mills/malthouses. The similar one in Sileby is now being converted into whatever it is they are doing with it.

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Some crackin pics there mate and always worth persisting even if entry doesn't look to obvious. Glad you got in and had a good explore. Thanks for sharing


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Thanks guys, nice little local explore in great condition, not a lot inside. Can't find any old pictures or major info on the place, not seen any reports from here either.

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Im glad the 2012 plans to demolish the Mill were refused and can see it has been re sold by the developers this year.

Can only hope the new buyers have more sympathetic plans for the place.

I guess only time will tell?

Oh just seen plans approved for apartment conversion of the Mill.

It was built in 1897 and additional storage sheds in 1950.

Nice find and good to see. :thumb

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This looks a good mooch :)

Loving the last shot :thumb

Thanks, Not a bad mooch at all, its just round corner and with some nice light coming in, was definitely worth nearly breaking my neck to get in ;)

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The last shot is simply a cracker :D

Thanks SK, was lucky with the light. Place is in near mint condition.

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