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I have been doing stuff around the north west of England quite a lot recently,and so I am also looking forward to getting new places done and sharing some of my older visits with everyone :D. Im also looking forward to seeing some of you guys around :thumb.

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Welcome to OS, look forward to seeing some of your stuff...old and new

I've been known to mooch around that part of the world, and its a veritable hotbed of activity!!

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    • By coolboyslim
      Ok time to get some stuff up outta my large back log lol. History seems a little weak on this but im sure you know it by now.
      Explore : Ok took 2 atempts due to gardeners round back being nosey lol. And also the original planned way was sealed. Overall was a decent mooch @stranton joined me on this adventure lol. And moaned all the way. To be honest the classrooms where best bit ohhhhh and strantons now famous train lol. Anyway thanks to @Vulex for first heads up on this. Sorry i aint been posting much i deffo been getting lazy :-(.. Not sue exact date it was in 2015. Anyways on with pics.







      Found this heartwarming a single drawing left behind..







      I tried to catch the sunset has i did the street lamps came on. It created this lol

      Has always thanks to everyone for looking its very apreciated ..
      See you soon all.
    • By macc_explore
      The Explore
      This place seems to be the flavour of the day and is popping up everywhere recently. I loved the look of this place, nice to see decay without lots of vandalism so thought I'd pop over and have a look. Really quite enjoyed it, nice character to it
      The History
      Really struggling to find any proper history on this school, last updates on some sites are around 1999 so maybe it closed around then. Only bit I have found is that it had 220 students at its peak and age range was 3-11















    • By macc_explore
      The Explore
      Was around Wigan and thought we would have a look at the police station Lavino had posted recently. Only a quick one as not much to shoot other than the cells really so here goes..
      The History
      Tricky to find any history on this police station other than a few snippets on local sites. Apparently there used to be stables at the back for mounted police which were moved in 1953, now just garages at the back. Its been on the market a few times and apparently sold for £300k back in 2006.. Quite surprised its not been developed into flats to be honest as it seems perfect for it even with the garage spaces at the rear/









    • By macc_explore
      The Visit
      Considered this one in the past but lots of activity next door at the tile shop so difficult to access unnoticed at times. Passing on an early morning we thought we'd have a quick look about. Lasting memory of this place is the pigeon sh*t! Never seen it so deep anywhere
      The History
      Built in 1861, St Joseph's Catholic Church is a grade II listed building on the fringe of Wigan town centre and was the Sunday school of a certain George Formby.
      It's been closed since 1995 and is a burden around the church's neck. They (and Wigan Council) are hoping someone comes along and takes it under their wing in this quarter's redevelopment of the mills and waterfront area.

      An example of quite how deep the bird poo is in here

    • By Funlester
      We came across this looking for some underground stuff and was a nice little find.
      Since we went I have seen in the news that parts of it have been set on fire and unsafe.
      In 1819, Rylands & Sons were established with their seat of operations being in Wigan.
      John, the youngest partner, occupied himself with travelling over several counties for orders until 1823, when he opened a warehouse for the firm in Manchester. Business increased rapidly, and in the course of a few years extensive properties at Wigan, along with dye works and bleach works, were purchased. Valuable seams of coal were afterwards discovered under these properties, and proved a great source of wealth to the purchasers.
      From 1847, John Rylands became sole proprietor of the company owing to the death of his father and retirement of his brothers around 1839. Designed by George Woodhouse in 1866, Rylands Mill was built and had served the local population for work until the overall demise of the textile industry had taken it's toll across the country.
      In 1985 it became an annexe to Wigan Technical College and became better known as the Pagefield Building until closure in 2007. The facade along the front was repointed and boasts some wonderful brick pattern work, this mill being the most expensive around at the time it was built.
      Owners Tower Gate recieved planning consent from the Planning committee for residential and office use but have yet to start any work onsite. There is a three year expiry date in which works must start or another plannning application must be lodged.