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Greetings from Belgium

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Just joined the forum and it's about time I introduced myself a little. My name is Koen but on most things internet I go by the nickname Bibendum.You can find some of my stuff on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/abandoned_be/collections/ and I have a modest -outdated- website at http://www.abandoned.be/. I also keep a Facebook-page at https://www.facebook.com/Abandonedbe.

My photo-backlog is over 3,5 years so bear with me :D

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Welcome to the forum Koen, some nice pictures there, look forward to seeing some reports from yourself, contact me if you need help with anything :thumb

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Hello Koen and welcome to the forum. Same as lenston said, if you need help with anything just shout. Looking forward to your work :thumb

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Hi Koen, welcome to OS. You've started off nicely with your first post, good to see. Always nice to see new members joining and sharing.

Looking forward to seeing more


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    • By Baldrickthecunning
      This was an odd explore, from the front of the building it looked like a standard office block but the inside told a different story.
      First off, some fairly standard looking CNC machines - but the further in we ventured the clearer it became. There was an entire production line left in situ for making alloy wheels!
      Each stage of the build process had its own machining area and the wheels were transported from one area to the next on a huge conveyor system - everything from milling, shot blasting, heat treatment, lacquering and pressure testing. Many of the machines had lot numbers attached and it was my guess that it wouldn't be long before everything including an immaculate rack of machine tools were auctioned off.
      We gradually made our way to the front of the building, where the only notable room was a small laboratory - still half equipped. An enjoyable explore and a good end to the day.
      Visited with Jaff Fox and thanks to H for his info.

      This sign, roughly translated means: food and drink are strictly prohibited in the lacquer plant.

      Mr. B!
    • By Space Invader
      visited with oliver GT and rustproofhawk ...
      After trying to see as much of Belgium as we could in four days, we all decided that im power station would be high on the list . The size of this place is immense and i found myself putting my tripod down wondering round and absorbing as much of the place as possible ive been back twice to this site and shots are from all three trips my apologies for not being able to find any history ...
      on with the pics ...

      control room...

      the cooling tower ...

      thanks for looking