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The Analog Urbex [facebook group]

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In this age of hypercoated glass, super-ultrawides and space age image editing,

the merits and intrinsical beauty of oldskool analog photography is often easily overlooked.

Hence my new little facebook group: The Analog Urbex.


100% Analog pictures of explorations and urbex related adventures.

With 3 exceptions:

- You can of course digitally scan your image, or photograph it digitally, as long as the base material is film.

When in serious doubt, users might be asked for a discernable pic of their negative. Editing is allowed

- Digital pictures of the gear you took your analog pictures with are acceptable

- Relevant comparisons stemming from deep philosophical discussions on the analog vs.digital subject, we can't say no to that can we!?

The group is off to quite a slow start, due to the fact that I can't actually seem to find more than a handful of people that still do the analog thing.

I just turned down the analog path myself with a Pentax ME that was obviously destined for exploration (In the sense that I found this beauty 'abandoned' at a recycling yard, in full working order, with a 135 Takumar lens as a bonus. The stuff people throw away these days!)

If you can't become a member on the group page itself (it's a closed group) drop me a message!

Come show off your analog works of art over at the The Analog Urbex!

And don't forget to join the cover photo contest!

(To ye mods, If you wish I'll link a group post back to oblivionstate.com as soon as we get some activity going!)

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DecayMasters, you definitely should!

Ever since i found this old pentax i've been lugging it to abandoned places just in case I see that special sth that would make for a great analog pic.

Shooting film is a very interesting experience, definitely takes more awareness and premeditation then just filling cards on digital.

The group is a little light on content for the moment, but i'm getting some rolls developed :)

more to come real soon!

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    • By PowerSurge
      This site is in amazing condition and although this was a tour, the lady showing us around was more than happy for us to take some time to take photos.
      Most of the smaller items have been removed to a ROC museum, alot of the larger items such as generators remain. The generators apparently still work.
      After reading other posts on ROC Posts and seeing one for myself not too long ago it was amazing to see where theses posts reported back to. One of the guides was also an ex BT engineer who worked at the HQ.
      This particular site was capable of housing up to 70 people, with enough stores for them to stay in the bunker for one month
      Extract from Sub Brit - EXTANT 57 London Road was originally in civilian occupation and named `Fairlawns'. The property was requisitioned in 1939 as a new headquarters for No.1 Group of the Royal Observer Corps, who had previously been stationed in rooms above Maidstone Post Office. An operations room was built in the house using the ground floor and basement. Fairlawns was in use throughout the war until stand down. In the 1950s Fairlawns was relegated to being a training centre for the group control at Beckenham (19 Group). In 1961 a new semi-sunk control was built to the rear of Fairlawns with administration located in the house. Beckenham was then relegated to being training centre for 1 Group at Maidstone. The former 19 Group HQ at Dura Den, Park Place, Beckenham was absorbed into No. 1 Group in 1953 but was retained for as a secondary training centre until 1968 In 1976 Fairlawns was renamed Ashmore House in memory of the Corps' founder Major Ashmore. On closure Ashmore House and the bunker behind was sold to a local solicitors.
      Maidstone 1

      One of the latches on the main door

      Thanks for the warning

      Looking down to the second level

      Door to the plant room

      Smoke/Air Scrubber

      BT equipment room

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    • By darbians
      So here is a short film I made on a few abandoned train carriages in Norfolk. Probably not going to appeal to all tastes, ya may find the intro comical though. As I have said before I don't want to make shaky cam videos so trying to work out ways of making them with steady shots.
      Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed. I have a few other bits on my channel from non exploring to tutorials. Feel free to take a look.
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      Good Evening Everyone,
      Just a quick intro to myself, my name is Ben, and im the Photographer at B T Frewin Photography, hence my profile name, and i currently live in Rotherham.
      I am pretty much new to the whole urbex scene, but have a ton of experience with my camera and love a good explore.
      Im just reaching out to fellow rotherham/sheffield urban explores/photographers who wouldnt mind meeting oneday to explore new places and exsisting ones and hopefully get me fully into this.
      If so, drop me a messege.
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      Awoke early down a farmers track at 6am, cold an legs numb from the sleep in the car, this place was on my list so it was time to tick it off.
      I rather enjoyed seeing these myself as from peoples pics here an there across the web, light painted like mad in here to even get a shot I was pleased of, loved the peep holes an how the light began to shine in from one end of the cells.
      Some history
      St. Mary’s was originally a work house and later turned into a hospital, this place, unlike most others, retained some of it's original features from it's Workhouse origins. The whole Vagrant's block had been retained. Why they did this was unclear, but a small section of this small block was converted into a small Mortuary that would service both St Mary's and Melton Mowbray cottage hospitals

      Thanks for looking everyone
    • By Mockingbird
      Hey folks!
      Have not posted in awhile so thought I would share a fair amount of places, I have visited over the past few months.
      This place I was keen to visit, I dont really like hospitals much but this small place caught my eye, mainly for those luxury tray pillows
      I heard its now sealed if anyone is venturing this way anytime soon, but other places are doable onsite
      Anyway A small mortuary!

      Short & Sweet! Cheers for taking a look!