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UK St joeys July 2015

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St joeys

Another recent visit to the seminary St joes. So just going to add a few photos from the visit went with myself .. @woopashoopaa @telf @will knot and @dangle_angle was a enjoyable trip as always at St joes and with good company thanks lads. So just a few I took.

St Joseph’s Seminary at Upholland opened in 1883, the first phase was built to a design by James O’Bryne. Set amongst a backdrop of copse and wildwood amidst gently sloping fields, the buildings are flanked with rough-hewn stone. An upper and lower lake are separated by a gentle and soothing waterfall. 1 The 150 acres of land the seminary is built upon had been purchased at auction in 1877. The grandeur of the chapels, meeting rooms, fixtures and fittings was unbelievable.

The seminary was closed during WW1 and reopened in 1919 along with a junior seminary. The second phase of construction commenced in 1923. The design was in a different style to the original buildings, however it was equally as grand. Landscaped gardens and sports facilities were also completed by 1927. A new chapel was added in 1930 along with 14 sub chapels. The final addition to the site was a science block. 2

The library shot with the spiral staircase


Some guy that was hanging around the library


A shot from the observatory


A view from one of the turrets


A nice staircase



A view from the clock tower with weights in window


A nice carpet indeed


Sink in a bath room


View from window


Organ in study hall


Door to study hall


Checkerboard ceiling



The bad boys corner


A dormitory


The guardians


Snooker table room


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Still haven't got round to visiting here, one day! Always nice to see that staircase and I'm liking the organ, reminds me a little of Bellboys with the green carpet creeping in. Top post mate :thumb


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ST Joes without a doubt is a quality location and always good to see the place.

If you dont get a tripod soon im going to stick one of my old ones in the bloody post :P

Cool share and good to see :thumb

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Nice one mate :thumb What was the crack with the bloke hanging around the library?

Haha well you always bump into nutters as you know. You not been again mate.

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Haha well you always bump into nutters as you know. You not been again mate.

Not been back since February mate. Would not mind another crack at it, missed some bits last time.

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Haha well you always bump into nutters as you know. You not been again mate.

Not been back since February mate. Would not mind another crack at it, missed some bits last time.

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Another visit today spent 7 hours there. Myself @telf @woopashoopaa @dangle-angle and friend tom. And met up with a few other members there. Nice to meet you. Here's a few more. Pics....
















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