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Blue Church, Denholme - July 15

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Explored with Raz & a non member

Bit of history from Raz (being an info pirate again) :thumb

Designed by JB Chantrell, St. Paul's was completed in 1846 in an Early English style featuring a large gothic tower overlooking the village of Denholme. The constructions of the church cost £3,700 in total, a number that would have been significantly higher if not for the members of the parish contributing to the construction in their spare time.

St Paul's Church was granted grade II listed status meaning that it may not be demolished, extended, or altered without special permission from the local planning authority, but in 1997, soon after it's 150th anniversary the ceiling and roof were deemed unsafe and the church closed soon after this for repairs. Upon further inspection the repairs needed were found to be extensive and with great reluctance the building and part of the churchyard were put up for sale.

Although the old church building is now closed (and ruined) the graveyard is still open to new burials.


So this old girl has been on the list for quite some time now but has always been put off for other things.

While sploring an old quarry in the area we decided to take a wander over.

As you can see the place is wrecked but that roof is beautiful :thumb


Quality isn't the best because i've taken them off my facebook page; my camera decided to reformat the memory card and relieve me of 600 photos. Dont you just love technology!!





As always, thanks for looking :thumb

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That's a very blue roof indeed. Like the look of that staircase :thumb

Stair case is great, especially if you love dark enclosed spaces with a billion spiders - fun :thumb

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Its worth a visit for that roof. Nice shot of the stairs - I remember spending ages trying to set up a shot of those :)

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This is some where I have been meaning to visit for a while now, never fails to disappoint. Some great pics there, that roof is amazing!


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Cheers guys, place is only really worth seeing for the roof, but to be fair it is one hell of a roof :thumb

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Worth seeing just for that roof, always liked the look of the place but never got around to it either :???:

Cool share, i'm gonna lob it across to short reports section :thumb

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Worth seeing just for that roof, always liked the look of the place but never got around to it either :???:

Cool share, i'm gonna lob it across to short reports section :thumb

No probs HT :thumb

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      After a mess up with directions on a saturday explore decided to go for a walk with Miss CSI on sunday and see this lovely old church, been before and love it every time I see it.
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      St.Andrew's church is a partly redundant anglican church in covehithe suffolk, it's grade I listed. Part of the church is in ruins and is under the churches conservation trust. It stands on a lane leading to the sea, which has suffered significant ongoing coastal erosion. The eldest fabric in the original large medieval church dates from the 14th century but most of it from the 15th century. During the civil war of charles 1st much of the stained glass was destroyed. By the later part of that century
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      The History

      Largely from wiki: Millmoor was was the home ground of Rotherham County F.C. between 1907 and 1925 and then their successors Rotherham United F.C. until 2008. The team and ground were once owned by C.F. Booth, whose huge Clarence Metalworks and scrapyard overlooks the site. When Ken Booth sold the club in 2004 he kept the freehold to the stadium and leased it back to the club in return for £200,000 a year rent and preferential advertising options and ticket allocations. In 2008 the relationship between the two parties broke down and Rotherham United left Millmoor for the Don Valley Stadium, before moving into their present ground, the New York Stadium, in 2012. 

      The Explore

      All in all a pretty relaxed mooch. The scrapyard next door is huge and noisy but everybody is too busy to be paying much attention to the stadium. All of the internal areas of the ground are heavily stripped but in good condition, with the custody suite and cells being particularly interesting. The stands are in fairly good condition and the pitch itself appears to be maintained with Wiki suggesting it's seen periodic use for youth football. Being the genius that I am I left everything but a 35mm prime lens at home and arrived about 40 minutes before sunset so apologies for the slightly odd perspectives.

      The Photos












      If you're anywhere vaguely near Sheffield and want to link up then drop me a line.